As featured in New York Magazine, Westword’s Web Awards, Best Food Blog Winner and Colorado’s Best Television Show welcome to Grace(Full)Plate!

The Background; The Girl:

I love food and I’m Italian. My family and I are dual-citizens of Italy.

I was raised with the notion that food is to be shared in large groups with family and friends, a lot of laughter, wide arms, many chairs around the table, and food that endlessly goes on. No one ever left my house hungry. And I genuinely love to eat.

I believe that over food we connect, find common ground, share, and love. It binds us together.

My parents are consciously healthy and infused, “You are what you eat,” to me while I was also raised vegetarian. My mother and grandfather have always gardened and brought fresh food to the table from their backyard. I never have owned a microwave and by age 10 I knew what high fructose corn-syrup and genetically modified food meant. To this day, I still care deeply about taking care of my body and being aware of what I put into my body.

As a Boulder, Colorado based food blogger I am lucky to have so many delicious, local options.


I love travel and explorations and subsequently uncovering hole in the wall restaurants that make my heart flutter, telling stories, happy hours on rooftops, food trucks, all things Italian, belly-clutching laughter, hiking, mountains, snowboarding, Colorado, sunsets, my big, loud family, learning new things, reading, yoga, wine, farm dinners, giving back, and spending time with my two dogs and fiance.

Grace(full) Plate is a labor of love. A ‘jobby’, I like to joke. I always say the moment this stops being joyful, I’ll stop. I’m still here.

Since 2008, I have been blogging over at my personal blog, Small Hands, Big Ideas. You can find me tweeting @gracekboyle. I love blogging and food, so in late 2011 I married the two and Grace(full) Plate was born. You can read my introduction post that I wrote here.

Interested in more? You can find my favorite products I may write about in my Amazon storefront.


I live just outside of Boulder, Colorado and am the Senior Director of Business Innovation at the National Restaurant Association. It’s rewarding to marry my hobby and job by staying on top of food trends, innovations, and technologies that propel the foodservice space forward, all while delivering forward-thinking value to our restaurant operator members.

Involved Elsewhere:

I run the Facebook page, Boulder Food News. I can’t share or write about every food news item in the Boulder area on the blog, so this is a place for the all food news in Boulder, Colorado.

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I have also written for Eater Denver and Boulder Weekly.


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