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by Grace Boyle on December 17, 2010

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This is an interview with my friend Mike who lives in Boulder and co-founded the online startup, Kapost. I heard that Mike was doing and I was immediately intrigued. For the month of December, Mike is eating and drinking a different letter each day for the month (e.g. December 1st = A foods and so forth). Read on for how it has been going as I asked him a few questions along his journey.

1) Why did you decide to start Eating A To Z?

I was talking with a friend of mine who is doing the Paleolithic diet.  I thought that it seemed pretty arbitrary as a diet and the thought came to me that if you’re going to do a random diet, i could think of one that could be fun.
I also liked the idea of eating lots of different foods on a diet.  I’ve done the low-carb and other diets and have found that I end up eating a small group of foods for the entire time.  It’s not a pleasant experience.  With the Alphabet Diet, you have to eat a different food every day.  As my mom always used to say, “Variety is the spice of life.”  This is the diet that proves that point.
What did you eat for “A” the first day you started?
I had an apple for breakfast, antipasti for lunch and avocado roll and asparagus rolls for dinner.
Do you think this will be challenging? What about cravings?
Some days are really quite tough. Days like G and J are hard.  You really have to think about what to eat and seek out dishes like jumbalaya. Others are super easy.  The ‘H’ day had a bunch of options for me.
Which letter looks to be the hardest one to do?
The ‘I’ day has been the hardest so far.   For this month the ‘X’ days are on the 24th and 25th and I’m using them as “wildcard” days where anything goes. That way I don’t lose my holiday meal with the family.
Will you be giving up coffee (except for “C”, of course?)
I didn’t drink coffee beforehand, so that really hasn’t been an issue.  I could see how it would be tough for people though.
What have you learned thus far from this foodie experiment?
I’ve learned that there are a bunch of tasty and delicious foods that I probably wouldn’t eat if i hadn’t limited myself to a certain letter. Gumbo, jumbalaya, and other dishes are great to eat but you need an excuse to change your habits.  I’ve enjoyed the challenge.
Check out Mike’s foodie adventure at and follow him on Twitter:

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