My latest in Boulder Weekly: Going non-GMO

by Grace Boyle on March 28, 2014

I write about once a month at Boulder Weekly, since they asked me to write features in November. I’m particularly proud of a piece I did on local restaurants going GMO-free. Genetically modified food is a hot topic right now and even as educated as I feel I am, interviewing the local chefs for this piece, was eye-opening. Their commitment to being non-GMO is impressive, albeit an uphill battle and difficult. If you enjoy food in anyway, this is something that simply cannot be ignored.

Non-GMO Boulder Weekly

You can read the full piece and interview here.

Note: Special thanks to Bradford Heap of SALT: the bistro and Colterra, Jon and Eleni Deering of Volta, and Sean Smith of Zeal. All wonderful local restaurants, and great chefs and/or restauranteurs.

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