Aloy Modern Thai Opens in LoDo

Sisters Bo Bean and Arisa Chanchokpong grew up in Bangkok’s Chinatown neighborhood and immigrated to Colorado 10 years ago to help their mom open Aloy Thai in Boulder. Their mom, Kim, features all her cherished family recipes at Aloy and since 2006 they’ve all done everything from cook and prep in the kitchen, serve, host, and clean.  After continued success, the sisters wanted to expand and do their next venture under their purview, “their way.”

Aloy Modern Thai Owners

L – R: Family: Dave (Bo and Arisa’s Stepdad), Arisa, Kim (Mother), and Bo at Aloy Modern Thai

Bo and Arisa started by going directly to Bangkok to find chefs who knew how to cook food the way they loved from home. They ended up with six impressive chefs from some of Bangkok’s hottest restaurants, and the sisters tirelessly spent time getting them all visas so they could work in their downtown Denver restaurant, on Larimer Street. Executive Chef, Ray Srisamer has been cooking for 25 years, where he started in Okinawa, Japan and across many restaurants in Bangkok.

Smoked Salmon Tuna and Tom Kha

Inside the restaurant Bo shared that the art lining the restaurant are from a Thai artist, and Bo told her, “On fire,” was the theme. Part of the paintings are colored vibrantly with red and real gold.

Aloy Modern Thai Denver

The space, which used to house Trillium, features the bar in the center, modern lighting, and bright orange community tables sit in one side of the table to host their Monday night community night dinners ($40 per person, where 20% goes to charity of choice each week).

Aloy Modern Thai Interior

Bo, whose first job in the United States was at Wendy’s now fondly calls Colorado home. Although she admits she may not be the best chef, her eye and taste for upscale Thai food has help to drive the elegant menu they’ve put together.

Aloy Modern Thai on Larimer

The menu has traditional favorites from heir mom Kim’s recipes (she wouldn’t have it any other way they share, it’s still a family affair) like Tom Kha soup, green curry, and pad thai. Their emphasis for this new location was to take an elegant, unique off traditional Thai dishes such as bringing out a hot rock (from Durango, CO’s river) to cook wagyu beef or hokkaido scallop on (15 seconds does the trick) alongside a house made ponzo sauce or their tar tar tuna with ginger, shallot, lemongrass, spicy lime sauce, and a house made rice cake or their smoked verlasso salmon with yucca chips, orange aioli and asian pear – smoke actually comes out of the jar it’s served in. They will be sourcing locally from farmers and serving fresher Thai fare. They’ve also built a beverage list of whiskeys and well-known Thai beers to their bar, led by Bar Manager, Jordan Clark.

The menu is split into small plates, siam salads, green salads, noodles and rice, curries, and large plates. The whole back of their menu is dedicated to vegetarian dishes.

Hot Durango River Rock

Hot Durango River Rock | Hokkaido Scallop


Wicked Wings of the East

Wicked wings of the East | Red Bird wings


Duck Roll

Duck Roll | Flaky pastry, cucumber, scallions, house duck sauce 



Alligator | Thai herbs, spicy black pepper sauce


All the flavors were incredibly delicate, sometimes offering a bite of surprise, but always emphasizing an incredibly traditional Thai flavor that is often hard to find in the U.S. I also can’t help but love that the restaurant is owned by a strong family unit of women, at the helm, are two sisters bringing traditional Thai food to Denver’s LoDo neighborhood. Their track record of running a successful restaurant is strong, so I’m excited to see what they’ll bring to Denver.

Learn More: 

Aloy Modern Thai | | 2134 Larimer Street, Denver

On opening today (February 1st) they’re open 5-10 p.m. and will have traditional Thai dancers.

Going forward they’re open daily at 11 a.m. Happy hour is everyday 3-6 p.m.