An Ode to Pizzeria Locale’s Butterscotch Budino

It comes in a stout and short glass – almost like a large shot glass. It’s a velvety, glossy Italian-style pudding covered in housemade whip cream and ganache, with a creamy butterscotch flavor.

Enter, Pizzeria Locale’s butterscotch budino.

Pizzeria Locale's Budino

“Budino” is Italian for┬ácustard or pudding and this is my favorite dessert in Boulder.

Brought out with as many spoons as you need, that are shovel-like in stature, I’m tempted to order two if there are more than three of us at the table because your eyes grow wide as you place the first bite in your mouth. That “I’ll have one bite of dessert,” never suffices for this simple delight.

Even when I’m stuffed with their┬áNeapolitan style pizza, I make room for my precious butterscotch budino. It’s layered with chocolate ganache, caramel, and their secret might be that hint of salt they add to it.

It has even gotten a nod in the New York Times, as it features the Denver’s fast-casual location’s recipe so you can recreate this delicacy yourself.

So please, order it. They even have a happy hour size (but who wants less, really?) From the delightful size, to the velvety texture, to the delicious, creamy butterscotch taste, you will be delighted. Promise.