You might have noticed the Foodily badge in my sidebar this past month.

Well, I’m here to finally tell you what it means and what Foodily is all about.

I have partnered with Foodily – Food, I Love You (along with many other wonderful food bloggers) as a Brand Ambassador to help them grow and spread the foodie news about their wonderful new site.

Right, so what is Foodily?

We are the world’s largest recipe search site. We bring together recipes from across the web so anyone can search for and compare any recipe — all in one place.

How useful is that? If you’re a food blogger, a chef or even a cooking newbie, Foodily will be useful for you as they aggregate all the recipes right at your fingertips.

For us food bloggers, I think the true exposure is ingenious. They will not only index the top food sites but also obscure bloggers and even those who are just getting going. When I Google a recipe I can’t find the unique food bloggers that add a human touch and I love how Foodily will uncover it all.

Come Foodily With Me:

So I searched for “Lasagna” and without “meat” to see what recipes Foodily could uncover. I found a delicious vegan lasagna with tofu and a spinach black-bean lasagna, both of which I’ve never made before (and I’ve always had vegetarian lasagna).

As you can see, you can scroll to find more recipes and all you need is right there: ingredients and method. They also link right to the blogger’s recipe, to properly cite and uncover bloggers/food sites.

The layout is simple and lays out the title of the recipe, the ingredients and instructions. Anyone can peruse Foodily and you do not have to be technical and savvy.

Want More?

Head to Foodily, search for an ingredient or recipe you’re looking for. Easy as that.

I like the “without” option, so for example if you’re gluten-free, then be sure to include that in the “without” section like: (yum, I found a polenta pizza and an adzuki bean quinoa sesame pizza).

Check out Foodily’s Blog: I recently guest posted for the Foodily Blog on a delicious mushroom, artichoke, chicken and red wine tomato sauce recipe. Find my guest post here.

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for realtime updates: @Foodily /

Finally, if you have feedback, let me know by contacting me directly. The Foodily team and I warmly welcome any ideas, updates, etc. that you might notice. Bring it!

Want to include your posts on Foodily?

If you’re interested in having your recipes/blogs indexed by Foodily (included in their search results) you can email: In the future, there will also be a place available on to grab the code for your own blog.

Disclaimer: I am compensated for the work and promotion I am doing with Foodily between January-March. All opinions expressed here are my own and I adore Foodily. For real.