A New Spirit From Art In the Age: ROOT

A New Spirit From Art In the Age: ROOT

My fellow Boulder foodie friend, Megan (also owns Local Table Tours) can’t stop talking about ROOT, a new pre-prohibition spirit, via Art In the Age.

Reminiscent of root beer this New American spirit is 100% organic and is the first truly authentic American liqueur since the pre-prohibition era. Made with North American herbs and pure cane sugar, this drink is smooth!

Megan invited us to her birthday this weekend where she graciously served homemade pizza all night and part of the libations were two bottles of ROOT for everyone to sample.

Playing around with the taste, I poured ROOT straight over two apple cider ice cubes (Megan pre-made!) You can taste birch, the root spices and sugarcane honey, right away.

Next, we decided to grate fresh ginger into the drink, poured over 4-parts Reed’s Ginger Brew and 2-parts ROOT. It was delicious!

Drink: ROOT With Fresh Ginger, Ginger Brew and Apple Cider Ice Cubes

You Will Need:

  • ROOT (you can order it online here)
  • Fresh Ginger (1-2 inches, peeled and grated)
  • Ginger Brew (Reed’s)
  • Apple Cider Ice Cubes (1-2)


Grate the fresh ginger and place at the bottom of your glass. Drop in the apple cider ice cubes.

Pour 4-parts Reed’s Ginger Brew into the glass.

Top of the drink with ROOT.

Serve cold. Absolutely smooth and the ginger is a nice tang to add to the sweet spicy of the spirit. ROOT is 80 proof. Enjoy.

Megan also wrote a great post about a ROOT tasting at one of my favorite speakeasy/lounge, The Bitter Bar. Check out their fantastic drink creations with ROOT here (including a ROOT float).

Of course, thanks to Megan for turning us onto this delicious liqueur and to ROOT for letting us sample and enjoy last night.