Bacaro’s New Menu

I was floored to learn that Bacaro has been in Boulder for almost 14 years [since 1998].

I also learned that this past week [August 3rd], they revamped a new concept that puts forward a farm-fresh, mostly organic menu. Before their focus wasn’t really on local, but now with new chef Aaron Bennett, they’ve parred down their 130-item menu to 50 items across happy hour and dinner, while working with Colorado’s local farmers and purveyors.

Bacaro also will be changing their overall interior concept with a more farm-fresh look that include antique and recycled items, hand-picked by Corrado Fasano, Bacaro’s owner. Aesthetically, these changes will be made overtime but you can already see some pieces standing out as focal points.

Chef Bennett has also helped lead the charge on hosting a monthly Farm to Table dinner at Bacaro. Open to the public, this includes family style food and seating, learning about the local purveyors who helped source the meal and connecting with the chefs. The dinner is just $45 (doesn’t include tip, tax or alcohol). Still, a great deal especially as these dinners are so sought after in Boulder.

Sitting with Bacaro’s longtime Owner, Corrado Fasano, I asked why the change…now?

Fasano shared that this surge first started at home, as he has two children. In his Italian accent he shares they used to buy from “The Safeway” and “The King Sooper” – bigger grocery retailers, with less of a focus on organic. Overtime, they started buying locally and now he has his own garden that his children and family can hand-pick from. Because it has become so important to his family, he wants to bring it to his restaurant. He also has been a local business owner for 14 years and believes strongly in keeping the money and food circulated locally as a way to support each other.

You can see their newly released menu (out today!) here. Check them out!
Bacaro’s Farm Fresh Menu