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15 Best High Protein Low Calorie Recipes To Try Today

Protein is an important part of our everyday diet and helps to keep our bodies fit and healthy. In fact, having high amounts of protein has proven to be beneficial to weight lifters or those looking to increase their body mass. 

15 Best High Protein Low Calorie Recipes To Try Today

The only trouble is, trying to create food that is high in protein but low in calories (see also: 10 Superb Low Calorie Dessert Recipes Everyone Will Love)can be rather difficult. How can you possibly create food that is rich in protein while being low in calories (see also: 10 Superb Low Calorie Breakfast Recipes Everyone Will Love!)and still being incredibly tasty?

Well, luckily, you’ve come to the perfect place, because today we are going to take a deep look at 15 of the very best high-protein and low-calorie recipes that you can try and make today (see also “Best High-Fiber Lunch Recipes To Try Today“). 

There are some truly amazing and surprising recipes to be found on this list, so why not dive right in now and discover your next favorite meal?

1. Linguine With Mushroom Sauce

This creamy delight from ‘EatingWell’ is easily one of our favorite low calorie recipes, so we figured what better recipe to kick off our list than this?

This meal is incredibly easy to put together and only takes around 40 minutes to make. This makes it perfect for those with busy lifestyles that still want to enjoy food that tastes simply incredible. 

The recipe is also incredibly simple, but also has a perfectly sophisticated sense of flavor, so every time you eat it, you’ll feel like you’re dining at the fanciest restaurant in town!

The recipe makes use of plenty of creamy, cheese, and mushrooms to ensure that there is plenty of healthy protein for your body to draw from! 

This is also a perfect recipe to make if you are hosting a dinner party but you still want to stick to your diet, as it is easy to make in high quantities, which also makes it perfect for meal planning!

2. Butter Chicken Meatballs

Butter chicken is one of the most popular items on any Indian takeaway menu, which makes it a very difficult dish to give up while on a diet.

Luckily, if you’ve been finding yourself craving the flavors of this dish, this low-calorie version of it will help you to satisfy all of your cravings while also receiving plenty of protein! 

The meatballs become incredibly juicy, while also taking on a slightly crispy outer edge, which makes every bite satisfying.

They are also very absorbent, which ensures that every bite will also fill your mouth with the butter chicken curry flavor! 

3. Sheet Pan Sesame Chicken And Vegetables

Sometimes, after a long day of work, you don’t want to spend hours slaving over your stove. Luckily, thanks to this recipe, you don’t just have to settle for something unhealthy to fill you up! 

Simply toss together some fresh diced chicken, alongside a medley of vegetables, and drizzle them with soy sauce and sesame seeds, and very soon you’ll have a quick dinner to remember! 

This recipe takes full advantage of chicken’s high protein, and yet remains very simple and tasty! Try making it yourself! 

4. Easy Lasagna

When you think of low-calorie foods, it’s likely that lasagna doesn’t exactly spring to mind. However, this recipe just might blow your mind, because it has all of the delicious indulgences that you expect from a lasagna, but isn’t heavy in calories! 

Somehow, this recipe manages to create a dish that tastes exactly as you remember it, but that is totally guilt-free.

Perhaps best of all, and what makes it such a good candidate for this list, is that it is chock full of protein, making it perfect for an after-workout meal! 

Whenever you find yourself craving lasagna, you won’t have to worry any longer about messing up your diet! 

5. Beef Stew

Beef itself is naturally full of protein and, provided you find the perfect pieces, is also very low in fat. This makes it a great food source for anyone on a high-protein low-calorie diet.

Best of all, because beef is full of rich flavors, it is easy to draw those flavors out to create something truly magical. 

This beef stew recipe will show you how to draw all of the latent flavors of the beef out and into the stew to create food that is deeply enriching. This is the perfect recipe for the winter months! 

6. Keto Egg Salad

At only 264 calories, but yet full of protein, there’s no reason not to try your hand at making this delightfully delicious keto egg salad recipe.

This recipe makes for a perfectly easy lunch to indulge in, or can also make for a great side alongside another similar dish.

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to mention this recipe. It is very simple and easy to pair with other dishes.

7. Scallion-Ginger Beef And Broccoli

Not only is beef high in vital proteins, but so too is broccoli, so it is also totally awesome that beef and broccoli combine together so well to produce such a perfect dish! 

This stir-fry recipe whips the two together in a perfect way, alongside a sauce made up of scallion and ginger.

This helps to give every bite a slight kick that makes the meaty flavor of the beef taste even more incredible. 

If you’ve never tasted the combination of scallions and ginger before, then you will get a total kick out of this fiery recipe!

8. One Pan Parmesan Tuscan Chicken

Of all the cheeses in the world, are there any more rich and pleasant than parmesan? Many are often surprised to hear just how well parmesan combines with the flavor of chicken to create a delicious dish that is full of protein.

Many more are even surprised that the combination results in a low-calorie dish. 

The inclusion of mushrooms, tomatoes, and parsley help to make this healthy dish very tasty.

9. Balsamic Tofu

Tofu is often overlooked as a source of protein, but this recipe will easily prove to you the potential it holds when it comes to protein-rich recipes. 

This balsamic recipe is full of intense and tangy flavor, and this flavor is easily absorbed by the tofu, making every bite bound to delight your taste buds. 

We recommend serving this low-calorie recipe atop a bed of fresh rice for extra indulgence.

10. Keto Chicken Salad

If you also want to cut down on carbs while simultaneously upping your protein intake, then this chicken salad recipe is likely to be right up your alley! 

This recipe is perfect whether you need a quick snack or even a full meal. Using lettuce leaves as a replacement for bread makes this an easy lunch to enjoy without any carbs at all!

11. Crustless Quiche

Quiche is perfect for a full meal, or even just for a quick pick-me-up snack when you need to satisfy your cravings. 

Of all of the quiche recipes across the web, this is our favorite. Its combination of ingredients is close to magical, and the inclusion of cheese helps to give it a slightly savory flavor that is remarkably low in salt.

It’s also easy to slice up and store ready to grab when you need a lunchtime snack! 

12. Lemon And Basil Chicken 

Lemon and basil combine together so well that you’d think that they were almost made for each other. If you’ve never experienced this creamy combination yourself, then you owe it to yourself to try this recipe.

The way the chicken absorbs every drop of flavor is nothing short of wonderful and will light your mouth up with flavor. 

13. Chipotle Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are a great recipe hack for anyone that wants to enjoy some delightful flavors in a way that is refreshing, flavorsome, and bound to delight.

This is one of our favorite recipes on this list because it is perfect for the summer months, and is full of fiery flavors that are complemented by the sweet taste of the peppers which retain a slight crunch, making them satisfying to eat.

14. Grilled Chicken Platter

After indulging in this amazing meal, you’ll feel like you’ve eaten a massive gourmet feast, but you’ll be pleased to know that everything included in this recipe is extremely fresh and full of protein that contains very few calories. 

This platter also makes for a great meal to share with family and friends and is incredibly easy to put together, so why not try it today (see also “Best High Fiber Chicken Recipes“)?

15. Chili-Rubbed Chicken With Rice And Mango Salsa

Wow! What a feast for the senses! This incredible meal is not only amazing to taste and smell, but also looks totally amazing. It’s full of Summery flavors and colors, and this makes it totally irresistible.

The sweet flavors of the salsa are perfectly complemented by the savory and fiery kick from the chili rub, which is easily absorbed by the chicken.

This makes every bite a total delight. You may have some slight trouble resisting the urge to go back for seconds, as it is simply that tasty!

Justin Roberts