Blume Honey Water Comes to Colorado

The story begins in a gym with a high school wrestling team.

Joe Ross, a Pennsylvania boarding school coach, approached Michele Meloy Burchfield about his honey water he had been creating for his team to help foster natural hydration and energy. Michele, a longtime beverage expert, was intrigued. This is when she brought on her friend and global brand strategist, Carla Frank.

These two power house women studied honey for two years. They learned of the benefits and drew them to creating Blume Honey Water, their line of naturally energizing, hydrating waters that help build awareness around bee sustainability.

Blume Honey Water


I recently got to meet Carla and Michele, both of which are inspiring women leading their business. Michele spent nearly 15 years at Boston Beer Company where she built out the Sam Adams brand before launching her own consulting business. Carla was design director of O, The Oprah Magazine, was creative director of Cooking Light Magazine and Glamour Italy.

Their three flavors are vanilla citrus, wild blueberry, and ginger zest. My favorite is the vanilla citrus. Not only are they quenching, but for their launch party, I tried these delightful drinks alongside alcohol in cocktails. They’re quite versatile.

One of my favorite parts about this business is how they partner with humane beekeepers and have a focus on sustainability. I was floored to learn that bees are responsible for providing at least 30-50% of the world’s food supply. And in our world, we rely on their pollination. They ensure we have fresh produce, flowers, and of course, honey. If honeybees were to disappear, the human population wouldn’t exist for more than four years. Unfortunately, bees are in danger. Due to causes like pesticides, mites, and stress for the bees, up to 42% of the earth’s bees have been wiped out.

Blume Honey Water is not only providing this health syrum of honey as a nutritious product (so much more fun than water, but just as hydrating) but also creating posterity for the bees that fuel us. Did you know that the first Olympians used honey for their competitions in Greece?

They just launched in Colorado at gyms (Colorado Athletic Club), coffee shops, and local grocery stores (Alfalfa’s and Lolita’s). You can’t miss the packaging, it’s beautiful. I think of this akin to coconut water or smart water, but with the main ingredient being 100% natural honey, it’s different than anything else I’ve tried.

I’m excited to watch them grow in Colorado. My suggestion is to have them as an afternoon pick-up during the work week or even right after a workout to help as fuel.

Find them: | Check out their store locator here to find them in Colorado