Bone Broth Bar at Fresh Thymes Eatery

Bone broth. Dare I say it’s a rising trend on the food scene? I hesitate on the word “trend” because although it has recently gained more fame due to its health benefits, cooking bones over an open fire, making a broth and stock and drinking for nutrition and warmth, are longstanding traditions in many cultures that span over the course of hundreds of years.

“It’s been known through history and across cultures that broth settles your stomach and also your nerves,” said Sally Fallon Morell, an author of the new book “Nourishing Broth.” “When a recipe has that much tradition behind it, I believe the science is there too.”

Even InStyle features “how to make bone broth” in one of their latest articles.

Nonetheless, places like Brodo in New York City which is a well-known bone broth only take-out window in the East Village, may not have existed or survived until the education has risen (especially from the Paleo community).

Christine Ruch | Healing Through Food (and Bone Broth):

Christine Ruch, owner and chef at Fresh Thymes Eatery in Boulder, spends five days making her beef bone broth and two days making her chicken broth.

This kind of healing through food is personal to Ruch who has celiac disease and multiple sclerosis. It’s worth noting her credentials, as she has taught whole food nutrition and food allergy awareness as the head of Bauman College’s culinary department, and she’s also been the head chef for the Growe Foundation, a garden-to-table program in Boulder Valley’s School District. Food and healing through her food, is core to Ruch’s ethos.


For those reasons, Fresh Thymes Eatery is entirely gluten-free and serves allergen-sensitive food that’s locally sourced, grass-fed, pasture-raised, and organic.

Fresh Thymes

With three different kinds of bone broth, that’s all made in-house, they’re one of the only restaurants in Boulder doing that as the few others that may offer it, source it from other places or have less options.

Bone Broth Bar at Fresh Thymes Eatery | Flying Off the Shelves:

Due to the lengthy nature of creating her bone broth, each week it’s in limited supply.

They have three: a garlic beef bone broth, roasted turmeric chicken bone broth, and a sundried tomato and caramelized onion veggie “bone” broth. They provide toppings like lemon and lime, scallions, house-made sriracha, cilantro, parsley, and miso (add-on).

Bone Broth Bar at FTE

They’re served in mason jars with a cute sleeve warmer and it’s $5.25, per cup.

No other restaurant in Boulder provides house-made bone broth, in so many options so their supply is in demand. Subsequently, there is a two-cup limit per person to help control how fast it flies off the shelf.

Customers come into Fresh Thymes Eatery when they’re sick or know someone who is, so Ruch feels responsible to ensure that the consumption of it is controlled, so that everyone who wants the broth can get it.

Fresh Thymes Eatery Bone Broth

Pro Tip: They do take weekly reservations for 10 total jars. They’ve moved to a week-by-week reservation system, so they don’t get backed up but that is an option for consumers.

Health Benefits: 

Especially during cold winter months, bone breath has a multitude of health benefits that help fight off colds, seasonal affective disorder and general fatigue.

Fresh Thymes Eatery Boulder- Bone Broth Facts & Health Benefits (1)

How to Consume: 

If sipping bone broth isn’t your thing, you can purchase it to cook with, if you don’t have the time to make your own (we all know it’s time intensive).

Ruch suggests cooking rice in bone broth, using it as the “liquid” for any cooking, and as a soup or chili base.

Learn More:

Opened in 2013, Fresh Thymes Eatery sits in the Steelyards neighborhood off of 30th Street and Valmont in Boulder at 2500 30th Street #101.

Special Event Tip: The first Friday of every month, Fresh Thymes Eatery hosts Fresh Friday, where they offer a special-made entree dinner off the menu and live music. Friday, February 5th they’ll have a pork/chicken broth, which is a spicy miso ramen with Asian Porchetta.