Boulder Creek Winery

Note: Earlier this Summer, my good friend Toni of Boulder Locavore (a fabulous storyteller/blogger and food photographer) and I decided to create a local group called Boulder Food Media. Toni and I kept bumping into each other at similar media and food blogging events but we also found we were traveling to Denver (or beyond) frequently to be part of these events. The icing on the cake was when Boulder Creek Winery included us in a top list of Boulder Food Bloggers. Naturally, we were touched and we also realized a growing list started to unfold where Boulder may be small, but we encountered 50+ bloggers stepping out and in some capacity, sharing love and writing over food. With no formal group in place in Boulder, we wanted to put together something that enabled anyone who is a food blogger, food writer or food photographer (at any level or capacity) to gather, network, learn, get to know each other and have each other as support. The group is for Boulder and immediate surrounding areas. And of course, always over good food and wine. This particular post took part over an educational trip and Boulder Food Media event at Boulder Creek Winery. If you’re interested in joining our growing group of about 30, just head on over here.

Our host for the evening was co-owner, Mike Thompson (his wife Jackie is the winemaker and their son Will is the Assistant Winemaker). In Gunbarrel just outside of Boulder, Boulder Creek Winery sits in a industrial park where they have a tasting room, winery and guided wine-making tour, open to the public 1:00 to 5:30 pm Thursdays through Sundays.

We first started with our tasting and Mike led us off with the 5 S’s of Wine Snobbery. I found these amusing, especially as Boulder Creek Winery is laid back and not pretentious, but they’re helpful when tasting wine.

  1. Sight
  2. Swirl
  3. Sniff
  4. Sip (could be slurp!)
  5. Savor (+Spit)

We tasted their entire wine portfolio, discussing the story behind each wine and what we liked (or disliked). I personally bought the 2011 Rose ($16) and 2011 Riesling ($16) to help with my Summer wine list on these hot evenings.

One story and bottle in particular stood out to me: The Consensus Reserve. With the help of their Wine Club members, Boulder Creek Winery invites their members annually to select the best barrels from their Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Cabernet Franc for this reserve red blend. I love the name Consensus as it truly creates a community around the winery’s biggest supporters and others find it to be a pretty solid idea, as the wine is a recipient of many awards including the esteemed Jefferson Cup.

We finally ended with touring their wine room, that’s self-guided with videos, print-outs and information in the adjoining room to their tasting room. This is great for visitors and I love how user-friendly they’ve made it. 

We even got to try their port from the barrel with the wine thief. This port was incredibly sweet, thick and delicious.

As most of my discovery into Colorado wine, I’ve been touched by the stories. I love how the industry is growing, but it’s also forging ahead, often under difficult weather and circumstances. I encourage you to try Boulder Creek Winery’s wine or if you have guests in Boulder, I think it’s a perfect location for a visit!

Thanks to Mike and the family for hosting us!

Find Them: | 6440 Odell Place, Boulder, Co | @BoulderCrekWine