Boulder’s Best Mixologist

Boulder’s Best Mixologist

Recently, I attended the second annual Boulder’s Best Mixologist event at Boulder’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

It was a fun event that involved local bartenders/mixologists. We walked around to each table tasting their choice cocktail, with local 303 Vodka as the sponsor and spirit base.


Aji – Beijo do Marcujo

Hapa Sushi – Bermuda Shipwreck

The Kitchen – Homage to Beer

Oak at Fourteenth – Colorado Beachfront

The Pinyon – Julio Naranja

Riff’s Urban Fare – 3 “0” Peno

Salt the Bistro – Sunfire

The West End Tavern – Smoke and Oak


1st Place: Salt the Bistro – Sunfire

Salt Mixologist, Adrian Sutevski accepting their award

2nd Place: Hapa Sushi – Bermuda Shipwreck

3rd Place: Oak at Fourteenth – Colorado Beachfront

It was a people’s choice vote, so after tasting, everyone voted and they were able to tally the results to announce the winner. Personally, my top pick was Oak’s which had pureed whole kumquats, simple syrup, lemon juice, purified water, black pepper kernel and tarragon leaves. However, Salt’s cocktail was the one drink that I could drink many of. It was unique with rosemary but also steadfast – that is why they won the people’s choice.

That said, if you’re visiting Boulder or haven’t been to any of these locations check them out. Some favorite libation spots weren’t in attendance at this event, so this isn’t all inclusive of the best place to find delicious cocktails but it’s a good list to start with.

You can learn more about the recipes and winners here. For a full set of the photos I took, you can visit the album on Grace(full) Plate’s Facebook page.