Boulder’s Fior di Latte Gelato

GelatoWhen I lived and studied in Italy, I am pretty sure I ate gelato everyday. It’s just a way of life there. You pop into a gelateria, maybe you pick your standby flavor, maybe you make sure to try a new one each time and you’re on your way. They are after all, almost on every corner in Italy. With my Italian dual-citizenship, I’m headed back to Italy in September and to have gelato is something I can’t wait for. It’s my preference over ice cream.

Recently, I learned of Fior di Latte, a wonderful little company with big heart and bold, authentic gelato flavors, right out of Boulder, Colorado. When they reached out, I was baffled, largely because I had never heard of them. After learning they’re less than a year old, I started feeling a little better but once I tried their flavors, I wish I knew of them from day one.

Fior di Latte is the brainchild of Italian-born (Venice!), Giulia and her husband (Colorado-born) Bryce Licht. They met in Italy and there, they got hands on experience making gelato at gelaterias. They couldn’t find authentic gelato in Colorado and they took matters into their own hands. They make gelato as it should be – fresh daily. A huge differentiating factor for gelato is if it’s fresh from the ingredients to when it was made. Fior di Latte, “flower of milk” brings them back to the roots of the most pure, authentic gelato flavor.


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There is a possibility that you haven’t seen them yet – they don’t distribute to stores because all those other gelatos have preservatives so they have longer shelf life. Fior di Latte partners with restaurants, you can order online and they can also be found at the Boulder’s Farmers Market – not to mention, they’re less than a year old!

I was personally blown away by their flavors. I tried the Strawberry Balsamic (a partnership with Oliverde with an 18-year aged Balsamic) and Hazelnut. The Hazelnut is incredibly creamy and rich, tasting just like you’re crunching on a real hazelnut, the flavor is so real. With swirls of dark balsamic amongst the pretty strawberry red, this flavor adds a hint of unique savory and is blended wonderfully.

Gelato Fior di Latte Boulder CO

They have the likes of: coconut and basil, earl grey, brown butter, mascarpone, tiramisu, avocado and then your stand by’s like coffee, chocolate, pistachio, peach and more. They also provide sorbet, and vegan/dairy free options.¬†

Their ingredients are organic and local whenever possible, and always of the highest quality. To remain authentic, some of their ingredients are sourced from Italy directly like their pistachios from Sicily and their hazelnuts from Piedmont. When possible, they love doing collaborations locally such as with Oliverde and with Cure Organic farm using their mint and cherries.

Did I mention they can also make gelato cakes?

Where to find them:

  • Order online directly from their website. If you’re in Boulder, they deliver right to your doorstep! You could also go to their kitchen to pick up your order.
  • Boulder Farmer’s Market
  • In a handful of local restaurants
  • In the near future, look for their retail store front location somewhere in Boulder! Exciting. | @fiordilatte_co |

¬†Note: Photos courtesy of Fior di Latte’s website. Thanks to Fior di Latte for the gelato tastes!