Bramble & Hare In Boulder

On Tuesday, July 3rd, the second restaurant from Black Cat’s Eric Skokan, Bramble & Hare opened in downtown Boulder.

Bramble & Hare call themselves a farmhouse pub, serving the most fresh and seasonal dishes from their Black Cat farm north of Boulder. The food is high quality, much like Black Cat, but it is more affordable and simpler, further from the fine dining of Black Cat. I’m intrigued by Bramble & Hare’s hours serving lunch, dinner and a late-night menu until 2 AM. This is absolutely a need, that I’m glad is filled by a quality Boulder restaurant.

The restaurant space is attached to Black Cat. Like Black Cat, Bramble & Hare is small and intimate. The room is reminiscent of a farmhouse with kerosene lamps sitting on an old piano, mason jars on wooden tables filled with wildflowers and thick rope holding up white pillows lining the wall. It seats 45 people with a small bar, private dining room and main restaurant area.

Bramble & Hare is serving a three-course prix fixe for $29 that changes daily, an a la carte pub menu with seasonal offerings and also at lunch, a two-course chalkboard special. You can find garden inspired cocktails mixing the likes of beets, bourbon and and rosemary as well as an approachable wine list. In my opening report on Eater, you can find their latest menus.

Skokan is still the Executive Chef and you will see many familiar Black Cat faces from their bar manager David Heller to sous chef Josh Monopoli, helping to run Bramble and Hare.

My visit to Bramble & Hare was very enjoyable. It’s opening week and they’re still working out some kinks (nothing major) but I foresee a lot of success from this little restaurant, especially as their prices are just about right (lunch is usually under $10). It’s particularly impressive because everything is still made-in house, the quality is high and the food is local.

You can see the food we tried in photos, below. Everything was perfectly executed, simple but with flavors that burst. I can’t wait to try their pre-fixe or indulge in some late night food.

A friend asked me what I was most excited about food-wise in Boulder and right now, Bramble & Hare popped to mind. It’s new, it’s fresh and it’s a great fit for what Boulder needs.

Farm Chips: Turnip, Beet, Cabbage, Chicharone

Merguez Sausage: Olive-Poached Cauliflower, Braised Mustard Seed

Daily chalkboard special. Ricotta sandwich on housemade bread and green salad. My friend Jenny tried the hot ham sandwich with cabbage and a side of turnips, equally succulent.

Because cherry’s are in season, we couldn’t resist a cherry tart. Perfectly tart, crumbly crust.

Update: After multiple visits since their opening including evening/happy hour and additional lunches I’ve noted that the service although attentive and kind, is still struggling to learn the menu and they’re quite often out of certain items on their printed menu which when you request it, it’s a bummer to learn after the fact that it’s not available. After asking about specific (unique) cocktail bitters and ingredients, we found our waiters also didn’t know what they were. My cocktail wasn’t very enticing and I felt it was poorly described as the taste was nothing like we thought and vodka-heavy. For evening service, there’s just the option of pre-fixe at $29 and their small bar menu. This makes for limited options if you just want just one dish but not three courses. I still love the environment and food, these are just kinks I can’t help but notice and share. With time, I’m sure they will be sorted out.

Find Them:

1970 13th St. Boulder, CO | 303-444-9110

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