Homemade Caramels in Colorado: The Candy Scientist

Homemade Caramels in Colorado: The Candy Scientist

I rapidly ripped the plastic off the delectable looking caramel. Without hesitation, I bit into the soft, gooey caramel, closing my eyes. Coupled with the sweet creaminess of the chocolate infused caramel, my tongue flecked over sea salt sprinkle making for the perfect savory-sweet combination.

Enter, Robbie Bagni, Candy Scientist.

Robbie says she is “dedicated to the food is love fusion of sugar and science.”

She uses no more than 7 ingredients: organic sugar, organic butter, sea salt, natural honey, vanilla whipping cream and mixed nuts. She has concocted the perfect blend, of loving caramels that come in adorable bags (see above) which I find disappear within a day whenever they’re in my reach.

You can tell they’re lovingly created – they’re all hand-made and hand-wrapped in eco-friendly cellophane.

My favorite is the caramel millet crunch (picture above).

Robbie is Colorado local, but have no fear, she ships and by supporting her scientific ways she can ensure they’re on your doorstep right away. I also like that she does custom orders!

Finally, may I remind you that Mother’s Day is coming up. If you order by May 9th you can get a special deal for just $24.99 per pound (normally $29.99). Go on, mothers will thank you, order her mothers day special.

Learn More: http://www.candyscientist.com

Shop: http://shop.candyscientist.com/

All opinions are my own, and I just love Robbie’s candy so much I couldn’t help but gush 🙂