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Carrot, Ginger, And Orange Juice Drink (Great For Immune System)

We all feel a little tired and weak every now and then, and it’s times like that when we could all use a healthy juice drink to boost-up our immune system.

However, there are loads of different juice drinks available in supermarkets, and you’ll find that almost all of them have added sugars. So what can you do?

Carrot, Ginger, And Orange Juice Drink (Great For Immune System)

You can easily make your own fruit juice! Making your own juice in a blender is a great way to get plenty of extra minerals and diets, helping you to feel much better. Better yet, juicing can be a really easy way to digest the fruits.

Today, we’ve got the recipe for a fantastically healthy carrot, ginger, and orange juice drink!

In our guide below, you’ll find an easy to follow recipe for making it, as well as a list of ingredients, and information about the health benefits of the drink. It takes very little effort to make this drink, yet it can do your immune system wonders!

And if you’re worried about not having a juicer, our recipe uses a blender instead. Simple!

What’s The Problem With Store-Bought Juice?

Before we get started, it’s worth just looking at the problem that you can get with lots of store-bought juice, which is why it’s better (and still easy!) to make your own at home. 

While store-bought juices have plenty of benefits, and are definitely healthy, you will find that they are loaded with extra sugars.

These added sugars can include refined sugars and high-fructose corn syrup, and these will increase your sugar intake and could be worse for your overall health.

What Are The Health Benefits From Homemade Juice?

The homemade juice we’re going to teach you to whip up today is packed with health benefits, which are sure to get you and your immune system feeling better in no time. Better yet, you’ll also find it a great source of hydration. 

Naturally-Occuring Sugars

To start with, you’ll find that your homemade fresh juice won’t contain the added sugars that a store-bought one will, instead only containing the naturally-occuring juice of the fruit. In turn, this will be better for your diet and help not to increase your sugar content.

Vitamins And Minerals

On top of that, your fresh homemade juice will be high in vitamins, which should help keep you healthy and give your body energy. Additionally, the juice will provide you with plenty of positive minerals too.

Easier Digestion

The drink will help with your digestion, too. This is because the juicing process helps to extract those vitamins and minerals, which then makes it easier and more accessible for your body to digest.


The fresh juice will also be a good source of antioxidants. These are useful substances that help to protect your cells against free radicals, which can cause various diseases. Antioxidants also help with premature aging factors.

What Do You Need For The Carrot, Ginger, And Orange Juice?

When it comes to our fantastically healthy carrot, ginger, and orange juice, one of the best things about it is that it’s super easy to prepare.

And we mean super easy! You’ll need just three ingredients (no prize for guessing what they are!) and a couple of utensils. 

Those 3 ingredients are:


  • Carrots – for vegetable-based healthiness.
  • Ginger – adds spice for flavor.
  • Orange – for fruit-based healthiness. To find the best variety of orange, read our guide further on.


As for the utensils, you won’t actually need a juicer for the juicing process. This is a relief if you haven’t got one, but you can always use one if you do. If you use one, you can skip the straining process in our recipe.

For those who don’t have a juicer, though, we’ll be using a blender instead to juice the fruits.

On top of that, you’ll also need a utensil to strain the juice with. You can take your pick with what you use here, because plenty of things will do the job: a fine strainer, some cheesecloth, an almond milk bag, and so on.

  • Blender 
  • Straining utensil (fine strainer, cheesecloth, almond milk bag, etc.)
Carrot, Ginger, And Orange Juice Drink (Great For Immune System) (1)

How To Make Carrot, Ginger, And Orange Juice

Now that you’ve got your three ingredients to hand, as well as the blender and a suitable strainer, it’s time to look at making the carrot, ginger, and orange juice drink.

You’ll find that this is an incredibly simple process, and will take barely any time at all! Simply follow our step by step instructions and you’ll have a delicious and healthy drink before you know it. 

It should take no more than ten minutes for you to prepare the drink – quick!

Step One: Peeling

This might be the step that takes the longest, which is saying something! First, you need to get the carrots, ginger, and orange and peel them all. Be careful when doing this, making sure not to cut your finger. 

Step Two: Cutting And Adding Ingredients To Blender

With all three ingredients freshly peeled, cut them up into bite-sized segments (or slice for the orange) and add them into your blender. 

Step Three: Blending

Switch your blend to the high setting and blend the ingredients. Eventually, the mixture should all come together.

If you’re finding that it isn’t blending properly, your oranges could be at fault. This is the case if your oranges aren’t juicy enough, and the solution is to add a tiny bit of water into the mix. Alternatively, add more orange slices. 

Step Four: Straining

Now it’s time to use your straining utensil. Whether you’re using a fine strainer, some cheesecloth, or an almond milk bag, all of those will do the job. Grab whichever you have and get a large bowl. 

Place the bowl underneath your strainer, then pour your blended juice through the strainer.

With cheesecloth or an almond milk bag, you will need to gently squeeze the juice to get it to pass through. By the end, your strained juice will have collected in the bowl without pulp and bits in it.

Step Five: Serving

Finally, pour the strained juice out of the bow and into your glasses. Alternatively, pour it into a large jug, which you can then use to serve the drink at your leisure. 

It’s best to have the juice over ice, because it’ll make it even more refreshing.

What Types Of Orange Should You Use?

When it comes to the orange, you have a choice of what type you use in the drink. These can make all the difference to it, because they each bring their own subtle flavor differences to each other. 

We’ve broken down the three most popular types of orange below, commenting on the tastes that they’re likely to bring to the juice. 

Blood Oranges

As you can tell from the name, a blood orange will give you a juice that is vibrant and red. These can be particularly notable in a juice, giving it a really strong red color. 

As for the taste? You’ll find they’re quite floral and will be sweeter than a normal orange. On top of that, they have subtle hints of strawberries or raspberries, which will really add to the drink’s taste. 

Valencia Oranges

These look like typical oranges, with a golden outside and bright orange on the inside. They also have a great flavor balance, giving a perfect blend of sweetness and tartness.

You’ll find them very juicy, and this is why they’re a popular choice for using in drinks.

Navel Oranges

This variety is bright orange, with dimples on their skin. When you taste the juice, you’ll find that it’s a perfect balance of sweetness, tardiness, and tanginess. As an all around orange, you can’t go wrong with one of these in your drink!


These types of orange are slightly more red in their orange, but not as red as a blood orange. 

As for their taste, you’ll find that they are stronger and sweeter than a typical orange, as well as less sour. This is good for people who don’t like the sourness of some oranges, preferring something sweet.

How Do You Store The Juice?

If you don’t finish all of the carrot, ginger, and orange juice at once, or you want to save some for later in the week, then you need to store it away properly.

Storing it for later use can be really handy if, for example, you want to have a glass every morning after a routine of exercise.

To store it properly, decant the juice into a large bottle or jar, then seal the container. Place it in the fridge. It should last up to a week in there, though it’s worth remembering that it won’t taste as fresh as when you first made it.

Whenever you want to have some of it from the fridge, make sure you shake the sealed container first. This will help to get it all distributed properly, giving you a better drink without unnecessary bits in it.

Make sure not to leave the juice in the fridge for too long, because the flavor will go and eventually the fruit will go off. Never drink gone off juice.

Carrot, Ginger, And Orange Juice Drink (Great For Immune System) (1) (1)

What Are The Health Benefits Of Carrots?

Carrots have a variety of health benefits to get you feeling better. For example, they contain carotenoids (the name is a coincidence!), most of which will be converted to vitamin A by our intestines.

Carotenoids help your immune system to function better, too. 

On top of that, carrots also give you vitamin C and fiber, which can help to protect your heart better.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Oranges?

Oranges are also really healthy, especially since they’re high in vitamin C, which can protect your cells. On top of that, they also contain the carotenoids which we mentioned with carrots.

Also, if you consume them alongside an iron-rich food, the orange’s citric acid will help your iron intake.

Does It Have To Be Carrot, Ginger, And Orange?

You might have been wondering through our recipe whether the ingredients HAVE to be carrot, ginger, and orange. They don’t!

The best part about this juice is that you can mix it up and customize it as much as you like. If you don’t like any carrots or oranges, then you can add whatever vegetables and fruits you do like.

For example,you could use grapes, mango slices, blueberries, apples, pineapples, and others for alternative fruit.

Then on the vegetable side of things, you can use such healthy ingredients as kale, beets, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, and others. 

You might also find that you don’t like the inclusion of ginger in the juice.

While we feel it adds a nice edge of spice to the drink, bringing out the flavor more without overpowering it from being overly-spicy, some might not like any spice at all. In these cases, feel free to leave it out!

Carrot, Ginger, And Oranges Juice Recipe 

  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Amount: 2-4 servings


  • 5 or 6 large carrots, peeled and cut
  • Cube of ginger, peeled (2 inches)
  • 5 large oranges, peeled


  1. Peel and cut the ingredients, then put them all in your blender.
  2. Blend them on high-power until they’re mixed together and smooth.
  3. Get your strainer (fine strainer, cheesecloth, almond milk bag, etc._ and pour the juice through it, straining it all into a large bowl that’s underneath. 
  4. Pour the juice from the bowl into your glasses, or into a bottle for containing. 

What If You Use A Juicer?

If you’re just using a juicer, then the method is even easier, since you don’t need to strain the mixture. Peel and cut all the ingredients, then put them into your juicer and use it.

Serve the juice and store the rest of it in a sealed bottle in your fridge.

Final Thoughts

Our healthy carrot, ginger, and orange juice drink is great – try it today!

Justin Roberts