Colorado Cheese Festival 2010

Colorado Cheese Festival 2010

This past weekend my good friend Doni of Nomadic Foodie and I headed to South Denver for the Colorado Cheese Festival (a great Groupon deal!)

Doni and I both adore cheese. I’ve written about it here and I wrote a guest post on her blog about how to prepare the perfect cheese plate.

Held at the Embassy Suites in Centennial, Colorado the Colorado Cheese Festival was Saturday November 6th and Sunday November 7th. There was a main exhibitor hall with cheese samples from exhibitors around the country. We saw Vermont, Colorado, Utah, California, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Georgia.

They also hosted classes and competitions – we personally attended a Mozzarella making class. Which, to be honest, wasn’t impressive. Cheese making is by nature, something that takes patience and time. We left a bit early because the information wasn’t compelling and apparently, he failed to make the cheese. Twice (friends told us that stayed).

Devoid of the class, these were some of my favorite cheeses.

Their Humboldt Fog blows me away. The Kitchen’s cheese plate often includes this ripened goats milk cheese. The texture is creamy with a bit of a tangy flavor. It’s no wonder The Humboldt Fog received Best In Class, for Surface Ripened Goat’s Milk Cheeses, World Championship Cheese Contest, 2010.

Cypress Grove also has a cake, stacked and made of cheese. The cheese makers said they had it their own wedding. Brilliant! Plus, any cheese that can rep on Twitter makes me happy.

Their Creme de la Chevre was melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It is soft, spreadable with flavors of vanilla, high altitude honey, peaches and summer berries. They have seasonal flavors of pumpkin spice, dark amber maple syrup and blueberry. I loved the dark maple amber variation.

For a spicier version, I enjoyed their Questo Fiesta including garlic, red peppers and parsley (award winning cheese).

They win the award for best exhibit. They had a variety of their cheeses and I loved how they make each batch homemade, by hand – hand stretched and hand packaged.

Might be seeing a theme here but I adored their Truffled Honey and Lemon Chevre Spread. They raise and milk their own goats. Beautiful.

Talk about unique – I sampled their “Barely Buzzed” cheese covered in a Turkish grind of Colorado Legacy Coffee Company’s (The Cheesemakers brother) “Beehive Blend”.

Overall, this event was definitely worth attending. Fromage to Yours put on the event and I’m planning on attending next year. I would love to see a larger exhibit space (and then more exhibitors) and more access to classes and demonstrations. Also, good call having the wine bar available – we enjoyed our glass of vino rosso while sampling.

For more photos of this event, check out Doni’s Flickr set. (Photo Credit to Truffled Honey & Lemon)