Cook Street, School of Fine Cooking in Denver

Cook Street, School of Fine Cooking in Denver

Cook Street is in downtown Denver (LoDo) and they offer a variety of wine and food classes, professional culinary training, and even hosts corporate and private events. Cook Street has been around since 1999 (that’s street cred right there) and Smart Money Magazine voted them one of the best culinary schools in the country!

Their classes are great for date night, girls night out, birthdays and celebrations. You’re learning, while also enjoying some wine and preparing a delicious meal. I’m a fan.

Their classes range from: German, Asian, Irish, Mediterranean, North Africa, Burgers and Beer, Classic Techniques: Artisan Bread, Holiday Candy, Grilling and Pastry and Sauces (among many others). They even have classes specifically for culinary date night!

The classroom is spacious (3,000 square feet), light and welcoming:

Recently I had the pleasure to partake in their Sushi and Samurai class, which I found out, is almost always sold out.

The Sushi class was extremely informative. The class was largely knowledge based, and at the end, incorporated the actual preparing of the sushi. I learned a lot about quality of fish, cleaning a fish, style of miso and sushi rice. I walked away with a folder filled with information, recipes and notes from our class that still remains useful to this day.

Next time, I’m definitely going with a group of friends or The Man. I can’t wait to try another class – so I suggest you hurry on over and jump into a fun culinary class. Let me know if you do!

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Cook Street:

Location: 1937 Market Street, Denver, CO

Price: ~$60-100 classes. This includes food and drink. Depends if you do series of classes or one class. You can check out their classes offered here.


Twitter: @TweetCookStreet