Drink Local Wine In Denver: April 27-29

Drink Local Wine In Denver: April 27-29

DrinkLocalWine is holding its fourth annual conference this April 27-29 in Denver at Metro State College, with the focus on Colorado wine.

I’m excited about this conference because at first, I haven’t been too intrigued by Colorado wines. The high altitude creates growing conditions that can be difficult and different, from most regions in the world. Nonetheless, I’ve been stumbling across intriguing Colorado wine (did you know there are about 100 wineries in Colorado) and I’m excited to support this industry, locally.

DrinkLocalWine + Colorado Wine


At Metro State College, Denver, on April 28

• Seminars and Colorado Twitter Taste-off in St. Cajetan’s

• Lunch and Colorado Blind Challenge in Adirondack Room


• 8:30 a.m., conference registration

• 9 a.m., Colorado’s Terroir and the Challenges of High Altitude. Moderator: Richard Leahy, national wine consultant. Panelists: Steve Menke, Colorado state enologist; Horst Caspari, Colorado state viticulturalist; Bruce Talbott, Talbott Farms.

• 10 a.m., Local Food, Local Wine, and Why They Don’t Like Each Other. Moderator: Dave McIntyre, Washington Post and co-founder DrinkLocalWine. Panelists: Rene Chazottes, Pacific Club, Newport Beach, Calif.; Evan Faber, Salt, Boulder; Jensen Cummings, Row 14, Denver.

• 11 a.m., Consumer Perception of Colorado and Regional Wine. Moderator: Rich Mauro, Colorado Springs Gazette. Panelists: Jay Leeuwenburg, Colorado Academy; Jennifer Broome, Fox 31; Chris Anthony, Chris Anthony Adventures.

• Noon, Colorado Blind Challenge. Moderator: Wayne Belding, MS.

• 12:45, lunch

• 2 p.m., Nomacorc-Colorado Twitter Taste-off. Moderator: Kyle Schlachter, Colorado Wine Press. Participants must be 21 or older.

Purchase Tickets:

Tickets range from $35 to $65 based off the package and your interest in the agenda. This is a solid price and so worth it. You can purchase tickets here.

If you do end up going, I’ll see you there. Salute!

 For more information visit: DrinkLocalWine.com