Edible Spray Paint – Yay or Nay?

Recently I came upon Esslack, (aka edible spray paint) from The Deli Garage. I get the appeal and stylistic approach. You can achieve some serious bling.

Check out these pimped out tomatoes.


It seems there is no end to the food accessories or ‘out there’ products people will get their hands on to stand out or try something new. I can appreciate that and I honestly think on baked goods, this could be fun.


But, I can’t help but feel that I want my food in it’s natural, authentic state. For my day-to-day, I prefer the bright colors of natural food, taking the flavor that is born into that cut of meat, that vegetable from the earth or that fruit from the tree and pairing it with something that makes your eyes flutter and your stomach flip flop (in the best possible way). Just as is.

Personally, I could get down on some edible spray paint for decorative items, but not to eat.

What about you? Have you used it before?