Evol Foods

Evol Foods

This post is part of the ongoing series: Local Loves where I feature a local food company or product. Giving is living, baby.

Frozen burritos never tasted so good.

It all started with Phil’s Fresh Food who started making all-natural, made-from-scratch burritos. With a low price point and delicious ingredients, Phil’s burrito production had grown and scaled to selling millions of burritos. Brendan and Tom (who loved these burritos) from Bear Naked approached Phil and in their words:

Brendan and Tom kumbaya’d with Phil until a merging was met in the spring of 2009. After a little reflecting on the essential nature of all this burrito love, the new brand — EVOL Foods® — was born.

Now, they’ve expanded beyond those diesel burritos and offer flatbreads and burrito bowls.

Personally, the burritos are still my favorite (they even have mini burritos). I love how they offer vegan and vegetarian options, as well as gluten free. They’re committed to offering a diverse, yet healthy product. Don’t be fooled, these burritos are hearty and enough calories to be a meal.

I was lucky enough to have these big boys in the freezer at my old job, so I often opted for the breakfast burrito below.

The bowls are great for on-the-go or to save at work and quickly heat up. The bowls are available in bean and cheese enchilada, chicken enchilada, fire grilled steak and teriyaki chicken.


Evol (oh yea, love spelled backward)  is committed to sharing their food philosophy and although much of their food are frozen goods (even makes me weary at times) you can learn more about their safe and healthy practices here.

Their ingredients are GMO-free, rBST-free and they source from some local providers including Colorado’s Best Beef. You can learn where they source their ingredients from (like family-owned farms) here.

They also compost, recycle and even buy one Wind-e Renewable Energy credit for every kilowatt hour of electricity they use.

Their website is also a wealth of knowledge with recipes and tips on how to cook with their products.

Now, can you see why I’ve included them in a Local Loves? They’re an entrepreneurial company driven by food, enjoyment and ensuring it’s nutritious.

Interested in Evol? Use this nifty map search tool to find the nearest store to you that might hold these goodies.

Find Them:

Evol: http://evolfoods.com

Twitter: @EvolFoods

Facebook: EVOLBurritos

Boulder, CO | 877.564.0271