Farm Dinner Guide For Boulder County

As summer rolls around, I start booking up my farm dinners. They’re some of the most memorable evenings for me. It’s about breaking bread with loved ones, family-style with new friends, dining under the twinkling stars with the mountains looming, eating food so fresh it came from the farms ground you’re sitting on, and a true testament to community. Over the years I’ve seen growth in farm dinners locally and I’ve put together a guide of the farm dinner opportunities you can find in Boulder County. It’s a mix of the farms themselves that put a focus on farm dinners and companies that lead farm dinner operations.

Note: Selections were made off personal experience, referrals, and as long as the space/group hosted more than one dinner a season (as in, a central part to their business). All photos are Grace(full) Plate unless noted otherwise.

The Lyons Farmette | Lyons | 4121 Ute Highway |

The Farmette has just a few acres, a small CSA, classes, farm dinners, and weddings on their organic farm right in Lyons. Betsy and Mike live on the space, and they have adorable animals like llamas, goats, bunnies, and sheep lining the beautiful space that has a trickling stream that runs through it. They host many farm dinners throughout the summer that are open to the public. Opening up their space you can expect to find local, well-known chefs like Hosea Rosenburg of Blackbelly and dinner partnerships with great businesses like Cured or {Eat} Catering. They typically have a local non-profit provide wine and beer onsite, and proceeds go right to that non-profit. I think they have the most options in terms of farms, that host farm dinners (15-20 a summer). You can learn more about their dinners here.

love the lyons farmette

Lone Hawk Farm | Longmont | 10790 North 49th Street |

Lone Hawk Farm farms with all sustainable, solar electric tractors that were designed right on the farm. They host a farm stand, board horses, have weddings, and farm dinners. They host a neighborhood country garden that operates on the honor system. There’s a little red box for payment, and prices are on the blackboard. Zolo co-hosts a few dinners at Lone Hawk each year that I go to and they also coordinate with local chefs, caterers, and non-profits for fundraisers. In my opinion, their prices are the most fair for the multi-course meal you get and the beautiful space. You can learn more about their farm dinners here.

Lone Hawk at night

Three Leaf Farm | Lafayette | 445 S. 112th Street |

Three Leaf Farm is owned by Lenny and Sara Martinelli, who also own the the restaurant group, Three Leaf Concepts. They own seven restaurants in the Boulder area (Aji, Dushanbe Teahouse, Chautauqua Dining Hall to name a few) and the farm that they’ve owned since 2011 keeps the restaurants supplied with organic produce. They have produce, fruit trees, flowers, raise chickens, goats, horses, and as a company and family they have a strong commitment to self-sustaining agriculture and being environmentally sound. They are on the bank of the Coal Creek, and you can see the continental divide in the distance. I once went to a vegetarian wild foraged farm dinner there, and I love how they have themes like their beer and BBQ farm dinner or tomato explosion farm dinner. I love how their restaurant chefs couple with them on the farm dinners, it’s all in the family and makes for something unique. You can learn more about their farm dinners here.

Three Leaf Farm

Isabelle Farm | Lafayette | 10029 Isabelle Road |

Owned by Jason and Natalie Condon since 2004, they farm organic and practice sustainable practices. They both come from farming families – Jason’s family has been farming in Boulder County since 1859! They host a robust CSA farm share (they’re in their 7th year of doing so) that lasts 20 weeks, June to October. They also have a nice partner program shares with Ela Family Farms for Western Slope organic fruit and Conscious Coffees for fair-trade organic coffee. If you can’t make their share that books up every year, they have a great farm stand through December that you can pop by and buy from. Throughout the year they host special events like their annual Zolo table-to-farm dinner or their fundraiser with GROWE Foundation alongside Big Red F and Jax Fish House. You can learn more about their farm dinners here.

Blackbelly-dinner_20122{Photo via Isabelle Farm Website}

Ollin Farms | Longmont | 8627 North 95th Street |

Ollin Farms is a family-run farm run by Mark and Kena Guttridge that hosts a CSA, youth classes around sustainable farming, a farm stand, and special dinners throughout the season. Ollin, is an Aztec word that means constant motion or transformation. I think what’s unique about their farm dinners, they’re setup buffet style and they always have a vegetarian option (some farm dinners, you get what you get based on freshness and the menu that’s prepared), and it’s BYOB which is nice. You can learn more about their farm dinners here.

farm{Photo via Ollin Farms Website}

GB Culinary | Longmont | 13810 N. 115th Street |

GB Culinary is an event catering and private chef company headed up by Chef Grant Buchanan. He does events and private cooking across the front range, and he has put together a farm to dinner table series where he cooks the entire evening, and hosts dinners at various farms like Lone Hawk Farm or Sol Y Sombra. Each meal is three courses, starts you with a cocktail, and it’s BYOB. You can learn more about his farm dinner series here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.24.28 AM{Photo via GB Culinary website, sample farm dinner actually hosted at Lone Hawk}

Blank Plate Boulder | Boulder |

Blank Plate Boulder have been hosting pop-up dinners in Boulder since September 2014. Started because they had the vision to put a restaurant in their backyard, each dinner location varies, as will the chef, drinks, and food. L.R. Laggy, the creator is great at bringing in chef talent to “guest chef” the evening. The elusiveness of the unknown, is also fun for his pop-up dinners in Boulder and is a great support to the community. For instance, their August pop-up is a foraged mushroom pop-up cafe and although they aren’t always on farms, they’re often outside. You can learn more about a pop-up dinner I attended with them here, and all their dinners are updated through Eventbrite here.

Blank Plate May 2015

 Meadowlark Farm Dinners | Boulder |

Meadowlark Farm Dinners have quite the system in place. I’ve long desired to attend their farm dinners, but because of their popularity they host a lottery each month to attend, and they sell out almost immediately. I got on a wait-list and made it through a cancellation! They are an incredible group of creators, makers, and chefs that host farm dinners at various farms they’re partners with. The menu is always inspired by the local harvest and they partner with Boulder Wine Merchant where you can select paired wine with the meal, prior to arriving. One thing that’s unique about Meadowlark is that from beginning to end, it’s a production. There’s whimsical elements like cocktails in the garden, live music, special tid-bits of food or the farmer you’re sitting alongside, and the service is quite elevated. It’s quite obvious the preparation that goes into each of their dinners, that they host every Thursday and Saturday from June through September. It’s quite the production, and their popularity is for a reason. You can learn more about their lotteries here.

Meadowlark Farm Dinner at Toohey & Sons

Important  noteworthy mentions (although they aren’t the farms themselves):

Cured | Boulder County |

The folks at Cured always bring their A game with their depth of experience in artisan cheese, wine, meats, and unique grocery goods (at their store in Boulder). They have a strong catering arm that does wonderful food for weddings and events, but they also circulate the farm dinner scene. You can find them at many of the farms listed above – often Lyons Farmette and Cured Farm – and at some other special locations.

For instance they have a ribs ‘n rose dinner with Lorenza Wines at Oxford Gardens this year! They always do it up and I couldn’t recommend this wonderful family-owned venture more.

You can find their upcoming events, dinners, and collaborations here.

Awestruck Outdoors | Boulder + Nederland |

I included Awestruck Outdoors as an honorable mention, because they’re part event company, part inclusion of taking you to a farm dinner with their bike to farm dinners component. They have their Happy Thursday Appetizer Ride that takes you from downtown Boulder and includes wood-fired pizza, they also take you to Sol Y Sombra on Thursday for a farm dinner. You can book an adventure trip or bike to farm evening here.

We hope you enjoyed the Farm Dinner Boulder County Guide. Let us know if you have any questions or any inclusions to the list.