FishSki Provisions

When I found FishSki Provisions I was intrigued by their story.

Husband and wife duo, Rob and Tania met in college and found their way to the SouthWest as fellow adventurers. As Tania shared, “Our mac and cheese comes from my love for boxed mac, my husband’s love for Hatch Chiles, and our combined love for backpacking and needing an easy dehydrated meal.”

Thus launched FishSki Provisions and their GMO-free mac and cheese that’s made with peppers, real cheese, and delicious Hatch Chile.


Rob and Tania 

Why FishSki? “Because there is nothing funnier than a fish on skis.”

After talking to learn more about the business, we realized we were all fellow fly fishermen, snow mountain lovers, and even had close, mutual friends!

Even as a small business, they give back to causes they care about. A portion of every purchase goes toward conservation and recreation; currently they’re donating to the Boulder Flycasters.

Part of their portability for your outdoor exploration is that the package is packable and not in a box; much easier to pack up and waterproof. Additionally, because of the real cheese they use, when you’re out camping it only requires two cups of water to prepare. No need to take milk or butter with you.

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After trying their Mac and Cheese my favorite was their green chile and garlic. They also have a cheddar, red chile, and red peppers flavor.

It’s quick and easy to prepare so whether you’re at home after a long day at work or in the back country that is a win in my book. Furthermore, I was surprised by how flavorful the mac and cheese was. It was creamy, bursting with garlic and it’s flecked with Hatch Chile.


You can find them in Lucky’s Market (Boulder and Longmont), Hazel’s Beverage World and Niwot Market. Don’t live near those locations? You can purchase the delicious Mac and Cheese online.

I love supporting local food businesses and know their Mac and Cheese will surprise you in the best possible way. Go ahead and give them a taste.

All photos from FishSki