Foodie Gift Guide

Foodie Gift Guide

As the holiday soon approaches, I wanted to put together some of my favorite holiday food items from artisan artists and designers, that are perfect for gifts.

Photo above represents a sample of the items I hand-picked, just for you dear readers.


Vintage Inspired Food Typographic: 10 € | Etsy

Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends Sign: $22.95 | Etsy

Indian Spice Box Photograph: $55 | Etsy [He’s offering 10% off for Grace(full) Plate readers. Code = GRACEFULL]

Vintage Food Gift Tags: $7.50 | Etsy

Vintage Silver Plate Stamped Cheese Knives: $8 | Etsy

Culinary Labels: $7 | Etsy

Time To Eat Culinary Coasters: $19 | Etsy

Artisan Food Stocking Stuffers: $7-20 | Foodzie

Mother In Law’s Kimchi: $25 

Marmalade Lover’s Gift Set: $32-34 | Blue Chair Fruit Co.

Murray’s Custom Gift Crate: $15 | Murray’s

Italian Glass Bottles: $9.99 | Uncommon Goods

Italian Gourmet Gift Basket: $5-25 | T.J. Maxx stores nationwide

Reclaimed Slate Cheese Board: $48 | Uncommon Goods

Donsuemor Madeleines (26 per box): $30 | Donsuemor

Lotsa Motza Box (cheese-making kit): $29.95 | Make Cheese Inc.

Mercado Farmers Market Bag: $19 | Quirky

Food Pod (to boil, blanch or steam): $15 | Fusion Brands

Rio Pitcher: $24 | Gretel Home

Vanilla Bean Goat Caramels: $6.99 | Happy Goat Caramel

If you’re in Colorado, Chef/Food Critic, Liz Moskow is booking Stranger Than Kitchen dinner parties at $25/per person. Minimum 6 people for 2 hours. Moskow cooks ad hoc, whatever is in your pantry/kitchen, surprising your guests with a delicious meal. I wrote about it here, after she came to my home with a Stranger Than Kitchen meal. Reach out:

Another option? To give the gift of food, to those less fortunate. Try or Network For Good.

Happy holidays and cheers! Any foodie gift favorites that you’ve found? Share them in the comments.