Fresh Thymes Marketplace

Owner and Founder of Fresh Thymes Eatery, Christine Ruch, is no stranger to the food industry. She’s spent more than a quarter of a century working with food and restaurants, but personally, her experience of living with Celiac Disease and Multiple Sclerosis drove her to create real, nourishing food that tastes good but also supports your health. Her restaurant Fresh Thymes Eatery has been supporting those with similar health stories since 2013, and she’s now expanded to offer another extension of the Fresh Thymes brand with her Marketplace.

For me, given my recent health journey, Fresh Thymes has been a welcome respite. You can see that as I’ve also covered Fresh Thymes elusive bone broth bar, and when they first opened in 2013 I excitedly covered them during opening week.

That said, I was intrigued when Fresh Thymes Marketplace quietly opened three years ago. Admittedly, I thought it was located where the restaurant was for a while, but it’s a new storefront just down the road from their restaurant, tucked away on 28th Street. The Marketplace like the restaurant, is 100% gluten-free. It’s a wonderful retail storefront that offers a wide array of options like gluten-free baked goods, fermenting foods, specialty prepared meals to-go, bone broth bar, custom made nut milks, small batch provisions, and cooking classes.

The Marketplace also offers catering options – I’ve used them for my engagement party and wedding shower and featured their delectable and creative desserts.

PREPARED FAMILY MEALS find the likes of their: Signature Mac Attack with cashew cream sauce (vegan or with pesto chicken), Pork enchiladas, Signature meatloaf, Spaghetti squash casserole with dairy-free cream sauce (vegan or with bolognese) and more each day!

At any given time the Marketplace has out 10 unique gluten-free desserts on display. They love coming up with concoctions that support their various customers from sugar free, to Paleo, to egg-free, to nut-free – they care about catering to those that never really could have desserts but now they can enjoy them.

Amongst the most popular are their magic bar filled with coconut and caramel and their cheesecake. I love their Mexican wedding cookies which are vegan and gluten-free made with just pecans, almond flour, salt, baking soda, coconut oil, and honey. The best part is no one knows they’re vegan and gluten-free, a true marker of good is good.

They even take Kim & Jake’s gluten-free dough and make baguettes to sell which is a nice local partnership touch.

The retail side of the Marketplace has really unique curated items Christine picked herself, most of which, I haven’t seen at any stores around town. The bone broth bar looks like a coffee bar, except you can choose beef or chicken or do as Christine suggests the ‘arnold palmer’ style combo which is half of each, then take it in your cup for on-the-go sustenance.

When asking Christine what the future holds for her Marketplace, the dynamic owner has no plans to slow down. Here are some of the exciting plans for the future:

  • For their bakery they hope someday in the future to have an order form where you can custom request desserts based on ingredients you can have (think allergens, etc.) for holidays or birthday parties.
  • They started a farm! They have their first seedlings in a green house at Buckner Family Ranch in Longmont. Christine wants to curate specific, custom ingredients she wants but has trouble getting from her regular farm partners in larger quantities such as fennel.
  • Their spring cooking classes have seen quite a bit of success. These are unique classes you wouldn’t see at the likes of a Sur la Table. Think: “building flavor with bone broth,” or “nourishing ingredients for optimal gut health” which really help drive home her mission of healing through food. She plans to expand her classes in the fall which you can keep an eye out for here. Note: there are still a few spots left for her April classes!
  • Finally, they’re creating their own blended wines in coordination with Sutcliffe Vineyards out of Cortez, CO. Christine and her team are working on an all natural wine made and blended exclusively for Fresh Thymes. Some will be available on tap at her restaurant and some by the bottle. They aim to coincide the release of the wine for their six-year anniversary this August.

In closing, perhaps the biggest takeaway I have from spending time at Fresh Thymes Marketplace is this: Christine has created such a sincere community – from her 45 staff members she employs between both locations – to the customers that she heals through food and serves daily. There’s a genuine feeling of warmth and care that Christine and her team exude that I think we could all use a little more of in our lives!

Find Them: 2690 28th Street, Boulder, CO

HOURS: 10am–6pm  Monday–Friday | 10am-4pm Saturday | Closed Sunday