Full Plate to Full Belly

Full Plate to Full Belly

You know that feeling when you’re full after a delicious meal?

It’s sort of like you’re woozy. The food tasted so good and you cannot stop smiling. You want to float away and close your eyes.

I know sometimes, I want to immediately unbutton my pants (it’s true!) but I appreciate the kind of fulfilled full not the uncomfortable full.

That is one thing I hope to instill in Grace(Full)Plate is that we are full because we enjoyed and indulged. We didn’t overeat and the food we did indulge in, was one that was succulent, healthy and fresh.

When I visited my family for a wedding and to finalize our dual-citizenship, we went to Little Italy in Chicago for some Sicilian cuisine. We ate at Rosal’s (incredible, more on that in another post) and we did work. We wined and dined for hours, we laughed, we had appetizers, entrees and desserts.

This, is what it is meant to be full.