Homemade Ketchup and Hot Sauce

Homemade Ketchup and Hot Sauce

This holiday season The Man and I decided to get a little crafty, and make gifts for our friends. Of course, it involved food.

He can handle any amount of hot heat and I personally love ketchup (all condiments, really) so we opted for making each.

We added our own spin after some research on recipes, purchased mason jars, tags and bows at Michael’s and we spent less than $50 for 12 of our friends and family. We also loved the time and energy that went into the project, infusing our love and joy for food to everyone we gifted.

I loved The Hungry Mouse’s homemade ketchup recipe (adapted by Saveur), and my ketchup came out a bit smoky, almost with hints of BBQ flavor and a kick from the jalapeno’s and dash of cayenne I added. I reduced the ketchup to be a thicker consistency, which really makes it great as a ketchup but also equally as good as a sauce. The color was a deep red.

The Man created his own variation between Eating Well and I Made That! for an extra spicy hot sauce including habaneros, jalapenos and chiles! His was a lighter red, with hints of an apricot color.

Personal Note: You can snag the recipes for ketchup here and hot sauce here. We didn’t go through the steps of canning as we dated each jar, asked our friends to consume within about two weeks, refrigerate and we sterilized the jars before use. Bon Appetit has great steps for canning tips if you want to preserve a longer shelf life.

Have you ever made homemade gifts of food? What do you love to bottle up and make for loved ones?