Grace(full) Plate on Colorado’s Best Television Show

I’ve been on television before and I’ve done my fair share of YouTube and small, digital sound bites. I have never however, been on live television.

Until this week., a leading resource for dining deals and discounts (and something I’ve used with frequency) asked me to participate on Colorado’s Best, a live television show out of Denver as their spokesperson. Seeing as I’ve used the deal site before, I was happy to participate and up for the challenge.

After preparing and ensuring my outfit and makeup was sufficient, I hustled down to Denver in the early morning hours on Monday, August 20th. I loved being on set, watching the news live and learning from the show hosts and anchors. It was surreal.

My goal was to ensure I was calm, eloquent and also included some laughs. I think I accomplished that. It’s such a great experience to try different mediums and also, be outside your comfort zone. You can watch the clip below or follow the link to their website for the video, as well.

Oh, and, is pretty baller (isn’t that the best URL to own)? Most of their deals are about 50% off and you can find deals from restaurants, all around the country. Who doesn’t love to eat and save some moola ?