Interview with Dave Query of Big Red F

Note: I’ve been a contributor at Eater Denver since April of 2012. It has been a great experience through honing my writing skills, deploying more research through a journalistic approach and having guidance from an editor. Occasionally I will post my work here to share with Grace(full) Plate readers. Enjoy! 

I had the pleasuring of sitting down with Chef/Restauranteur, Dave Query recently to dive into his restaurant empire, Big Red F and all that surrounds his day-to-day. As someone who has such an impact on the Front Range’s culinary landscape, he’s just down to provide good food and experience for people, while he knows what he knows, but knows what he doesn’t know and works hard to continue to grow Big Red F that employs over 500 employees. We focused on pointed questions about his philosophies, next projects, big growth expansions beyond Colorado and more!

Dave Query, Big Red F

Dave Query. [Photo: Restaurant Owners Uncorked Video].

Dave Query, owner and chef of the Big Red F Restaurant Group, has been earning his stripes on Colorado’s Front Range food scene through running and maintaining eight restaurants and six varying concepts successfully for almost 20 years. With two more restaurants on the way in 2013, he isn’t stopping there. Eater sat with Query as he shared why he’s going for fried chicken and Big Red F brewed beer in Lafayette, his philosophy on maintaining a 512-person company, the evolution of his concepts, and expansion plans that would take Big Red F outside of Colorado!

You can read the full interview here on Eater Denver. Enjoy!