Introducing Boulder Food News

Introducing Boulder Food News

I write a good amount about Boulder and the greater Colorado food scene here on Grace(full) Plate. Wherever I am, I love to pay homage and support local.

However, I also feature different recipes I concoct in my kitchen, interviews, guest posts and food news nationally here. I stated from the beginning that Grace(full) Plate wasn’t completely pigeon-holed to one location and that readers worldwide can enjoy the food mashup that I have come to love. I also noted that I didn’t have time to feature, photograph, travel-to (Denver) or write about all the amazing food news locally. So…

Thus sprung the idea for Boulder Food News. I launched it this week and it’s strictly a Facebook page.

Grace(full) Plate will continue on as always and isn’t directly affiliated with Boulder Food News – I’ve just expanded my online food brand but they are two separate entities.

Boulder Food News will give you the inside info on events, festivals, meetups and gatherings around food and libations in Boulder county.

We will strictly focus on the Boulder area as my friend Jeremy has got Food Events in Denver’s Facebook page covered. I love the idea of just a Facebook page because it reaches everyone who may not read blogs and is easily shareable and in your mini-feed already.

Since Grace(full) Plate is my personal food blog it always inserts my opinions and I choose what to write about and feature. Boulder Food News will be 100% unbiased and feature anything that is newsworthy in food + drinks in Boulder County with a focus on brevity and frequency.

You can learn more on the Facebook page. Head on over and like us if you like what you see! Thanks to everyone who has already been so supportive!

Bon Appetit!