Juicy, Gourmet Burgers at Larkburger

Juicy, Gourmet Burgers at Larkburger

Please tell me if you live in Colorado that you’ve been to a Larkburger?

They’re a perfect blend of sustainable and responsible as business owners, to quick casual where after your hike you can still be presentable and mow on a burger, to incredible taste that oozes onto your fingers and mouth as you bite into one of their burgers.

The Story:

It started in 1999 where the Larkburger was featured on Thomas Salamunovich’s restaurant Larkspur in Vail. With growing popularity, Thomas created the first Larkburger in Edwards in 2006. They soon spawned into the front range from Boulder to Arvada.

They describe Larkburger as:

…this all-American favorite, but with the hallmarks of a fine dining chef committed to natural, impeccably chosen ingredients and a love of truffles.

Quick Facts:

I was impressed to learn that Larkburger is 100% powered by wind energy. They reuse their canola oil as automotive fuel. They have eco-friendly packaging made with unbleached paper pulp. Their beautiful interior is made with reclaimed timber salvaged from urban forests in the Bay Area and a portion of sales are used to replenish the source and plant new trees. The commitment to lowering their carbon footprint and giving back, shows me they’re going in the right direction.

The Food:

The menu isn’t complex. They offer their larkburger, a little lark burger (if smaller is your bag), chicken burger, turkey burger (personal favorite), tuna burger and even the Amy burger which is their vegetarian option as portabella mushroom with griddled onions.

They offer sides and salads and my personal favorite, their truffle and parmesan fries, topped with Italian parsley and truffle oil.

I literally lick the box clean with the truffle, parmesan and parsley. Can’t help it.

Recently, on a quest to be more gluten-free I’ve been ordering their gluten free bun (see below) and shared it with friends – they couldn’t even notice. It’s a really nice option. Side note, do you notice how crisp and fresh their tomato and lettuce looks? Makes a difference people.

My friends who are healthy, also enjoy the lettuce wrap option instead of using a bun wrap their burger choice in lettuce.

I personally frequent their Boulder location on 28th and Arapahoe but lucky for Colorado, they have multiple locations (7 including Boulder and their newest opening in Colorado Springs).

I don’t think you will be let down. It’s a great place to bring your family, or just unwind after a long day in a comfortable environment over filling, scrumptious food.

And please, order those truffle fries.

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Note: All photos are my own, except for top photo provided by Larkburger. Thanks to Larkburger for hosting us and sharing your food.