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15 Best Keto Salmon Recipes To Try Today

When it comes to following a keto diet, some of the best recipes are the ones that incorporate seafood, and perhaps the most versatile and best tasting fish is salmon. 

15 Best Keto Salmon Recipes To Try Today

There are plenty of recipes out there that you can follow in a keto friendly way and that use salmon as the main ingredient. But what exactly are the best ones?

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve got 15 of the best keto salmon recipes that you can try today! 

So, if you’re ready to learn more – then read on and find out some amazing recipes (see also “Amazing Paleo Stuffed Pepper Recipes“).

15 Best Keto Salmon Recipes 

Without any further delay, let’s examine the 15 best keto salmon recipes. We hope you enjoy these.

1. Keto Salmon Curry

One of the most popular meals for families and single people alike is curry, so when you’re on a keto diet – finding a keto approved recipe for a curry is something very sought after. When one is found that uses salmon – that’s even better! 

This keto salmon curry can be made and enjoyed in just 30 minutes and it combines the beautiful flavors and aromas of a red Thai curry with fresh lime juice and sliced green peppers. 

It’s unusual to see green and red Thai curry amalgamated in this way, but it’s absolutely stunning! 

2. Keto Salmon With Garlic Butter

Garlic butter is an extremely useful and flavorful ingredient to use in cooking, and when you pair it with salmon, it’s absolutely delicious.

The chunky and tender salmon easily absorbs all of the garlicky, creamy flavors and textures in the pan. 

It’s even better when you add some fresh lemon juice, season the salmon with salt and pepper and use fresh thyme or basil to garnish the dish. 

3. Keto Teriyaki Salmon With Broccoli

When you get the cravings for something Asian-style, then look no further than this teriyaki salmon recipe.

It’s easy to make by simply using an air fryer and you can have a gorgeous and healthy meal in minutes. 

Once the salmon has been cooked to perfection, combine it with mushrooms and peppers and then serve it onto a bed of broccoli.

Finally drizzle a lovely, tangy teriyaki sauce over the top to finish it off. 

4. Salmon Salad

One of the best times of the year to enjoy salmon is in the summer, so of course salmon pairs incredibly well with a cool salad.

You get a Mediterranean feeling from this dish, and it’s exceptionally simple to make.

All of your favorite salad components are in this salad bowl, along with a highly succulent salmon.

This is an incredibly healthy dish, and you can improve the consistency and texture with pecans or avocado. 

5. Keto Salmon Quiche

Many people are fond of quiche, but it’s pretty difficult to make quiche when you’re on a keto diet. However, you can use goat cheese and don’t worry about the crust.

The inclusion of the most fragrant herbs, creamy cheese, smoked salmon and seasoning is sublime. 

Every bite you take is light, fluffy and smooth – and the whole meal just melts in your mouth. Perfect for any occasion! 

6. Sweet Chili Salmon

Sweet chili salmon is one of the most popular ways to enjoy a salmon dish, and it’s pretty simple to make.

The secret lies in the seasoning of the salmon to begin with, which involves a sugar-free Thai chili sauce, chili flakes and pecans. 

You can serve this with a side of cauliflower rice or some fresh green vegetables, depending on your preference. 

7. Quick Salmon With Herb And Mayo

If you want a fast meal, then you should opt for this quick salmon dish with herb and mayo. It takes just 12 minutes to make this dish and you only need a few ingredients.

Once you have cooked the salmon to your liking, place it onto a warm plate and pour over a homemade sauce, made with dill pickles, rich mayonnaise, fresh herbs and lemon juice. 

Garnish the plate with some extra fresh herbs or spices and you have a beautiful, quick dish.

8. Salmon Sushi Roll-Ups

Anybody on a keto diet should consider incorporating sushi into their weekly foods, but remember that not all sushi is keto friendly. Luckily though, this recipe is.

Essentially, you replace rice with salmon and pack it full of garlicky flavor and aroma. You can change this dish in any way you like, so long as you make it keto friendly of course.

9. Salmon With Avocado Salsa Sauce

This is a choice for people who are looking for a filling, keto friendly meal. You have a gorgeous, tender and thick salmon along with a juicy tomato salsa and some hearty avocado.  

Be sure to finish this dish by garnishing it lightly with thyme or cress and add any other green vegetables you wish. 

10. Coconut And Lime Salmon

For a glorious summer lunch, you should turn your attention to this coconut and lime salmon dish.

With a juicy salmon that is paired with fruity lime and fluffy coconut, you will swear by this meal! 

It’s perfect for any day of the week, but the juiciness of the dish allows it to be ideal to cool off in the summer months. 

11. Blackened Salmon

While the name may sound unappealing, blackened salmon can be one of the best dishes you could ever hope for.

It takes less than seven minutes to make this dish and it provides some beautiful Cajun spice.

It has a fantastic contrast between crunchy and soft and packs a punch with its unique spice. It’s definitely a dish to think about for the cooler months.

12. Glazed Salmon With Orange Mustard

This is an especially unique style recipe. With only four ingredients needed and only fifteen minutes required to cook it, this dish can become a glorious reality for both you and your dinner guests.

The tangy glaze is something you may never have experienced with seafood before, but it definitely works.

Pair this salmon with some leafy greens and garnish the salmon with perfect seasoning like salt and garlic. 

13. Foil-Baked Salmon With Garlic And Herbs

When the summer months come, many people will begin to cook their meals outside by using their barbecues.

If you are one of these people, then you can enjoy a beautiful keto friendly salmon dish in the same way!

All you need to do is get ready to wrap a fresh salmon in foil, and once the barbecue is ready, prepare your salmon with garlic butter, rosemary and thyme and wrap it tight. 

Place the salmon on the barbecue until the salmon is ready and then season it once more, and finish it off with some gorgeous garlic flavors.

14. Sesame Salmon

You can make this superb salmon dish in under fifteen minutes, and it’s so good that you’ll be surprised you didn’t order this at a restaurant.

Soy sauce, ginger, sesame seeds and spring onions all come into play with this dish, and it is the mix of these flavors that makes the whole recipe burst with quality. 

15. Crab-Stuffed Salmon

Finally on our list, we have something that any seafood lover will go crazy for – because what is better than salmon alone? Salmon stuffed with crab! 

The gloriously buttery texture of the crab makes the salmon burst with life, and you will find that every bite is moreish. Be sure to garnish your dish with fresh lemon slices and trimmings of basil. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll now cover your most frequently asked questions. We hope we answer them all for you.

Are These Recipes Expensive To Make?

They do not have to be. While it will depend on the quality of your salmon and where you are sourcing it, the majority of the extra ingredients can be sourced and purchased relatively cost effectively. 

Are These Recipes Healthy?

Absolutely – but once again, you need to be aware of portion size and your use of certain ingredients like butter.

Be sure to check your keto diet guidelines and be careful not to overuse certain ingredients. 

Are These Recipes Quick?

Some are, certainly. Salmon does not take long to prepare and cook, and in fact – you can have it raw in some circumstances (although you must check the label). 

As a result, most of your time will be spent with the extra ingredients, such as making a sauce or chopping your vegetables. 

The Bottom Line 

Keto diets can happily incorporate salmon dishes from time to time, and as you can see from our list – there’s a whole host of different recipes that you can happily choose from. 

We hope we have been able to show you some amazing ideas, and we hope you enjoy making them!

Justin Roberts