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15 Marvelous Keto Turnip Recipes To Cook Today

The keto diet is all about reducing your carb intake to force your body to burn fat and this means that those switching to a keto diet have to wave goodbye to one of the most popular food ingredients on the planet – potatoes.

Marvelous Keto Turnip Recipes To Cook Today

Potatoes are used to make a ton of great dishes like fries or chips, but they are also filled with carbs and this makes them unsuitable for those on a keto diet.

As a result, those on a keto diet have been forced to look for a similar veggie to take the potato’s place and one of the best is the turnip.

Turnips are low in carbs but similar in texture and taste to potatoes, making them a great alternative.

Here are 15 amazing keto turnip recipes for you to try out to replace your potato-based dishes. Check them out below, pick out your favorites, and enjoy!

1. Keto Roasted Turnips

Let’s start out with an easy turnip recipe for those on the keto diet – roasted turnips.

Whether you use a traditional oven or a trendy new air fryer, roasted turnips are a quick and easy way to make a potato alternative side dish.

This recipe will show you how quick and easy it is to roast turnips with the perfect amount of seasoning.

So, it works as a great basic turnip recipe to follow if you need to quickly rustle up a filling side for your main meal.

2. Keto Turnip Fries

Fries are easily one of the most popular side dishes in the entire world and you don’t have to give them up when you switch to a keto diet.

All you need to do is swap out the potatoes for the lower-carb option of turnips to make turnip fries instead.

This recipe here will help you make your own batch of turnip fries. It’s quick and easy to do, so you still get all the benefits of classic fries with some extra bonuses.

3. Keto Mashed Turnip

Another popular side dish people on the keto diet should avoid is mashed potatoes. Luckily, turnips can be mashed in a similar way to create creamy mashed turnips.

Making mashed turnips is super easy but if you want a little help and guidance to get the right texture and consistency, then follow this recipe here.

This way, you will know just how much seasoning and cream to add to really make this side dish go down a treat!

4. Keto Turnip Gratin

Turnips are a great ingredient to use to make rich, creamy dishes because they are so similar to potatoes.

This means that if you want to make a keto version of your favorite potato-based dish, it’s very likely that the recipe will swap out the potatoes for turnips.

A good example of this is turnip au gratin – a version of gratin that uses turnips instead of potatoes!

This recipe here will show you just how to make this classic cheesy dish so it tastes amazing and fits your keto diet needs.

5. Keto Breakfast Hash

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day as it’s supposed to fill you up with energy ready for the work ahead.

A breakfast hash is a great meal to have at this time, and this recipe will show you how to make a tasty keto-friendly breakfast using turnips, radishes, and crispy bacon! Delicious!

6. Keto Potato Salad (With Turnips)

Potato salad is a go-to side dish to enjoy during the summer. It’s often eaten at picnics, barbecues, and alongside hot and spicy food – so it’s not exactly a side dish you want to leave behind as you switch to the keto diet.

This recipe will show you how to make a rich, creamy faux potato salad using turnips as the alternative ingredient.

This way, you can still enjoy a potato salad this summer without breaking your dietary restrictions.

7. Keto Cheesy Crushed Turnips

This keto turnip recipe is a little unusual as it shows you how to make a fritter version of turnips but crushing them and adding a ton of seasoning and cheese.

It’s really easy to do and a fun way to cook turnips as an alternative side dish. So, if you ever find yourself getting bored of the same old roasted or mashed turnips, then try out this recipe instead!

8. Keto Turnip Cake

Keto turnip cake is not really a cake as we know it. It’s based on the Chinese dish Lo Bak Go, a filling meal that is puddling-like in texture but uses savory ingredients like shrimp, sausage, and mushrooms.

Turnips make up the main body of this dish which is why it’s so low in carbs and keto-friendly.

You can also find plenty of recipes that swap out the turnips for radishes if you are ever limited on ingredients or simply want to try making your turnip cake a slightly different way.

9. Keto Turnip Soup

Soup is great – it’s warm, cozy, and comforting. You can eat it at lunch or dinner, and there are so many different ways to make it using all kinds of ingredients!

This includes turnips – and turnip soup is a great option for a keto-friendly lunch!

Turnip soup is very rich and creamy, and you can even add some other popular keto-friendly ingredients like bacon or cheese to add extra flavor and texture!

10. Keto Turnip Casserole

This recipe takes a classic keto turnip au gratin and cranks it up to an eleven by adding smokey, crispy bacon to the mix.

It’s a great way to turn your turnip au gratin from a side dish to a main dish and help stop the flavor from becoming too monotonous.

This recipe also makes use of an instant pot, but you can also make your own turnip casserole in a traditional oven too.

11. Keto Turnip Hash Browns

Hash browns are a popular type of breakfast food but they are traditionally made using a type of potato – but this recipe takes the traditional hash browns and turns them keto-friendly by adding turnips instead!

You still get the smokey, strong flavor of hash browns through this recipe but the amount of carbs in this side dish is greatly reduced, making it suitable for those on a keto diet. So, if you want a filling breakfast, try out this recipe!

12. Keto Turnip Greens Salad

This keto salad recipe uses turnips but in an untraditional, alternative way. Instead of using the body of the turnip, it uses the leafy greens that grow at its top!

If you grow your own turnips or purchase them fresh with the tops still attached, then you don’t need to throw these tops away.

They can be used to make a great keto salad with crispy bacon bits and juicy red peppers.

It’s the perfect lunch and helps ensure you use every single part of your turnips to help reduce waste and get more for each buck you spend.

13. Keto Hasselback Turnips

Hasselback potatoes are a fun side dish that involves making thin wedges sliced into the potatoes before they bake.

As they bake, they fan out and become crispy. Sounds delicious, right? The thing is that potatoes are not keto-friendly – but turnips are.

Hasselback turnips are a great alternative to hasselback potatoes. They are just as filling, delicious, and look just as amazing but they don’t come with the same high amount of carbs.

This makes them suitable for those on a keto diet, so try out this recipe and enjoy!

14. Keto Baked Turnips

An alternative way to cook turnips for a keto-friendly side dish is to bake them instead of roasting them.

This recipe shows you how to not only bake your turnips but how to stuff them with delicious flavorful ingredients like bacon, sour cream, cheese, and garlic.

This means that you can enjoy your baked turnips as a main meal instead of as a side – or adjust the recipe as you desire to meet your preferences and needs.

You can leave out the extra cream and bacon, and just stick to the garlic and cheese to make a tasty turnip side dish to go with your main meaty dish!

15. Keto Scalloped Turnips

This dish is super cheesy, thick, and creamy and uses turnips instead of potatoes to make a low-carb dish.

There are also sauteed onions and plenty of herbs to help shake up the flavor and make this keto-friendly dish stand out!

This recipe is also super easy to make and uses a skillet, so there’s no need to have a trendy air fryer or a traditional oven!

Final Thoughts

Switching to a keto diet doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to all your favorite potato-based foods. All you need to do is swap out the potatoes for a good alternative ingredient and turnips are the answer!

They’re tasty and have a very similar texture to potatoes, making them one of the best alternatives to try. So, pick out your favorite recipes from the list above and give them a try!

Justin Roberts