Latest, Favorite Etsy [Food] Finds

I love supporting small, artisan artists. I’ve been scouring Etsy more recently (I think that has to do with Pinterest) and over the last few months these purchases have been my favorite. Naturally, they have to do with entertaining and/or food so I wanted to share them here.

Vintage hand stamped Cheese Marker Set knives | BeachHouse Living| $39.50

These cheese knives are stamped by hand and the knives are all unique and vintage. You may see stamps like: stinky, sharp, creamy, chevre, etc. I actually bought these as a gift for a friend as they’re perfect to bring out when entertaining over a cheese board or plate.

Wine glass | beer bottle charmsĀ in 6 languages | Missmiscmetals | $15

I constantly misplace my wine and drink from someone else’s because if we’re all drinking red wine and mingling around, it’s easy to lose track. The man and I love traveling and I thought these weren’t too cheesy (sometimes wine charms are) but they helped us keep track and were all in good nature around celebrating with friends, over good drinks (internationally).

Foodspiration Kitchen Manifesto | Foodspiration | $15

This 8×10 print is hanging in our kitchen / living room and as someone who believes in indulging in good food, I thought it was a nice manifesto. Looks great framed and I also think it’s a fun gift.

Map Coasters set of 6 | Crap Apple Design | $24

There are so many options for coasters but as I thought about it, I knew it would be cool to somehow personalize them. It felt weird having pictures of us with a drink over it, then I found these with custom maps on each coaster. Because it’s custom, I requested all the places the man and I have lived from New England, to Italy, to Prague, to Colorado to Iowa. It’s a fun touch and they look great.

That’s the latest for my Esty purchases. Any favorites you have recently?

I have a handful of other pieces bookmarked (you can see my favorites on my profile here). I also do an annual foodie gift guide here and my first one was last year. Come holiday season, you will find another roundup of great foodie related gifts and mom + pop food products. Feel free to send me a tip if you know of something homemade/artisan that I could include: gracekboyle at gmail dot com.