Guest Post on Laughing Lemon Pie

Guest Post on Laughing Lemon Pie

My friend and fellow Boulder food writer, Lacy Boggs (she recently guest posted here) just launched her new blog: Laughing Lemon Pie.

Laughing Lemon Pie is full of resources for living like a foodie, even with a family, a budget, and a busy life.

Guest Post: To celebrate the launch of her new blog, I wrote a guest post on what the perfect ‘ingredients’ are for creating and hosting a gathering over food. You can read the guest post here.

eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Eating Organic On a Budget: Lacy is so smart. She created a really intriguing eBook which you can download here: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Organic on a Budget (for free).

My piece is in the eBook under Entertaining, titled Gathering Over Food. It is one of my favorite things to do on any given day. The collage at the top are some of my favorite food gatherings.

I had a peak at the eBook and it’s designed beautifully while it’s also full of tangible tips such as: how to go organic, meal and budget planning and which foods are best for you and your family.


So check out Laughing Lemon Pie and for a killer free, food resource download her eBook here.