Life Lately: Health Resources

Recently I wrote about some recent developments in my health. It felt good to say it out loud and regenerate my voice here in a new fashion.

I’m still navigating the what and why, but I know enough that I’m rebalancing and healing from immense stress that touches many parts of our body. For me it’s manifested with thyroid disfunction, adrenal fatigue, gut health resolutions, insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalance.

Come to find, this is becoming so prevalent for women in our current world. We’re juggling more than ever, and our nervous systems have a lot of sensitivity to it that we’re all still learning.

This week I wanted to share the resources and people that have been really helpful to me in this journey. From podcasts, to blogs, to individuals – I think it’s worth giving credit where credit is due.

Whenever I’m in a challenging time I find solace when hearing from others in the same boat so-to-speak.

Disclaimer: I’m honestly just beginning my journey, so I am far from an expert. I just wanted to share the resources and links I have found helpful and comforting to-date.

Podcast(s): In many cases I’m sharing individual podcasts I really loved but I’ll also share general shows that cover this topic in general.

Who to Follow/Online Resources – from their articles, to social posts, to workshops, etc. I recommend diving in:

Note: As an aside, if any of you are in Colorado I am being treated and supported by Naturopathic Women’s Wellness. They have offices in Boulder and Evergreen and I consider them to be great healers, very thoughtful in their approach, and thorough. I was referred by a friend, and happily continue to refer them to other friends.

Finally, this is just the beginning of the amount of resources out there. Friends have sent me books, as well (just haven’t finished yet). What are your favorite resources for rebalancing women’s health and immunity?