Lindt Chocolate RSVP Party

Recently Lindt Chocolate invited me to host a chocolate and wine tasting party as a preview to their premium home party program, Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. Typically the official parties involve experienced consultants coming in, teaching you about the chocolates and pairings while you can also purchase a variety of chocolates.

Combining girlfriends, wine and chocolate pretty much sums up a perfect evening for me so I was excited to learn more about the chocolates, pick some wines based off their pairing suggestions and get everyone together.

The chocolate arrived in the mail (best snail mail ever) and I selected wines based off their party planning guide then laid out the goods.

Let’s move onto the wine and the pairings.

Extra Creamy Milk Bar. I went with a buttery Chardonnay which went nicely with the creamy and smooth chocolate.

White Chocolate Coconut. I went with a Washington State Riesling which wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet with the white chocolate but made for a great pairing. Lighter chocolates go great with a lighter bodied wine, which helped with the Riesling. Per Lindt’s guide, it’s important that wine and chocolate complement each other instead of overpowering.

Excellence 70% Cocoa Bar. I opted for a Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara, a region that I love and have wine tasted before. They also suggest a Merlot, Syrah or Cab Sauv. which I had handy. For the strong chocolate, it’s great to be paired with a more full bodied wine.

During the tasting they guide on:

  • Sight: What do you see? Premium chocolate should have a silky sheen and a smooth, even texture. Same for wine you can look at the color, clarity and depth of the color.
  • Touch: By actually touching the chocolate, it should be smooth.
  • Hearing: This one is unique, right? Hold it up to your ear and break the pieces they suggest. It should really snap and high quality chocolate will have a crisp snap.
  • Smell: This is easy. Much like wine, you will smell different notes for different chocolate as well as different spices.
  • Taste: For chocolate they suggest letting the chocolate melt on your tongue to truly gauge the sweetness, acidity and intensity. Next, take a sip of your wine with the chocolate melting on your tongue to see how it pairs.

We had a good time with the pairings as we picked out our favorites and I encouraged them to eat more chocolate. I can imagine at a true RSVP party, there’s a lot to learn while you’re also having fun with guidance.

If you’re interested in placing an order or wish to learn more about the opportunities that Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. has to offer, you can contact Customer Care at: You can learn more about the Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. parties here:

Thanks to Lindt for sending the chocolate and purchasing the wine, while allowing me to host the party.