Local Table Tours Expands to Ft. Collins

Experiential food excursions are all the rage. And for good reason. From farm to table dinners, to culinary classes, to food tours, they’re a great way to see an array of food purveyors and create memories.

I’ve written about Local Table Tours before and it is one of my favorite way to show friends and family (especially from out of town) the local food scene, through a new lens.

Local Table Tours takes care in ensuring they stop by restaurants or shops that are inventive, high quality, and showcase a unique story. My favorite part is that at each stop you get some inside access you may not if you were just a patron dining on your own. With Local Table Tours you might chat with the chef, or owner, or learn about the bar from the manager. They spend a little time with you to ensure your questions are answered so it’s a well rounded experience.

These are walking tours as well, so you’re typically getting to see the general area and lay of the land in between each stop. Note: You don’t walk too far. See FAQ’s.

Having been on a handful of tours over the years with Local Table Tours, I can say that each one has its own unique flavor (no pun intended). Pending the group dynamics, perhaps the weather, and who you interact with that day on the tour, you can make it a bit of your own. There’s creativity to pick what you want off a menu, while they may also have something prepared for you to try the best they have to offer. The fluidity of this makes it enjoyable and a bit different each time.

Megan Bucholz (owner) and her team are doing so well they’re offering culinary tours in Boulder, Denver and most recently, Ft. Collins. I recently went on one of their Ft. Collins cocktail tours and loved getting to see our northern neighboring town that I don’t get to as much.

Ft. Collins’ Local Table Tours currently offers a coffee, waffle, and chocolate tour, Jessup farm tasting tour, cocktail tour, and artisans at Scotch Pines tasting tour.

Old Fashioned's Local Table Tours

Led by Josie, a Ft. Collins resident, food writer, and food aficionado we made three stops on this cocktail tour.

We went to The Whiskey, The Social, and Mobb Distillery. We tried a cocktail at each location over the course of two hours and learned fun facts along the way.

For example, did you know The Whiskey carries 1700 types of whiskey, which surpasses The Stanley’s library, making them the largest Colorado bar in terms of whiskey? I also learned they have a locker program in their back room, where regulars (Whiskey club members) who spend at least $3,000 annually on bottles, can get one of the 40 lockers to hold their favorite bottles, purchased at the bar.

The WhiskeyHere, we enjoyed a sazerac, a traditional cocktail originating from New Orleans after the Cognac used in the drink, Sazerac-de-Forge et Fils in the late 1800’s.

Our second stop was The Social, an underground speakeasy where we enjoyed Old Fashioned’s. I learned besides their robust cocktail and wine program, they have a dedicated charcuterie game and a large absinthe menu.

The Social

Finally, we walked through town to the River District where we made our last stop at Mobb Mountain Distillery. Started by four friends who make rye whiskey and rye gin (this is unique!) their focus is on community they emphasize the “people” part of their business, creating a unique home-like feel in their small and cozy tasting room. We tasted their gin and whiskey, then picked from their craft cocktail list.

Mobb Mountain

If you love food and drink and are interested in learning more and exploring, you should look up Local Table Tours. Whether it’s for a fun afternoon date, a group of girlfriends, or bringing your friends/family from out of town, it’s going to be worth your while. While you’re at it, head to Ft. Collins for their newest set of tours.

Find Them: localtabletours.com