McDevitt Taco Supply: Boulder’s Taco Stand

McDevitt Taco Supply: Boulder’s Taco Stand

For the last three years I have worked (and lived) in downtown Boulder. I’m a big proponent of downtown Boulder’s food scene and economy since I spend so much of my time there. My new job is on 14th, between Pearl and Walnut. Around the corner, I recently spotted a new taco stand on Pearl Street’s walking mall.

I had to find what this taco stand was all about:

McDevitt Taco Supply

Chef and Owner, Bradford McDevitt has been in the restaurant business for years. As he swiftly chopped fresh red onion and chatted me with me he stated, “Pearl needed good tacos.” I couldn’t agree more.

After a lengthy application process and even a cook-off for the best tasting stand, McDevitt landed one of the spots (next to him is a bean vendor). He designed the galvanized steel truck and friends built it.

McDevitt (below) has three tacos per today and he mixes up the menu frequently. Typically there’s a fish, meat and vegetarian. His ingredients are fresh, mostly organic, local and gluten-free because he uses corn tortillas. Boulder seal of approval!

You can find him outside of The Lazy Dog on Pearl Street’s corner of 14th. He’s repping fresh tacos all week.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11 AM – 4 PM. | Friday and Saturday 10 PM – 2 AM (for the late night crowd). This is brilliant, if you’re out when bars close or later past 10:30 PM there are few places where you can get great food (fast).

Price: Tacos are $3 each and you can snag 3 for $8. A delicious, yet quick lunch for under $10 on Pearl Street!

The Tacos: I ordered a Thai ginger talapia taco marinaded in ginger, soy, and garlic, a black pepper steak taco in a soy garlic sauce and sweet potato and black bean taco (vegan).

You can find him on Facebook and Twitter: @TacoSupply. For questions and comments, feel free to email Bradford directly:

Personal note: As good street food has you, I wrote this post on-the-go right after eating their delicious food and all photos are from my trusty phone (could you tell)? 🙂