Mile High Organics

Note: This is an ongoing series highlighting Colorado Products in the food industry. You can see all local love reviews here.

Boulder-based Mile High Organics is America’s first certified organic online grocery store and Colorado’s only 100% GMO-free grocer. Talk about street cred.

Started by Michael Joseph, Mile High Organics is determined to be your hassle-free grocer that can deliver you everything from local flowers (see the ones I ordered from them below), to pet supplies to baby accessories to items to stock your pantry.

Having a dog myself, I loved the idea that dog food was available because there’s nothing worse than waking up and realizing you’re out of dog food and you have to run to the store. I like the one-click nature of it all.

Eco Pledge:

These days, there are a lot of online retailers and e-commerce options for food and delivery.

Mile High Organics stands out to me because of their eco pledge and environmental standards. All products sold by Mile High Organics are screened to be 100% GMO-free and organic. They’re transparent in their practice and your goods show up in a reusable plastic bin, while their bags are compostable. They almost never have their product air freighted¬† while the only exception is their offering of California herbs. You can learn more about the food partners, farms and local purveyors they’re partnered with here.

Organic Purple Carrots and Beets From My Mile High Delivery

Finally, they are giving back. They provide your program with a custom fundraiser code and members of your community can use this code when they sign up, to receive home delivery. Mile High Organics then donates 5% of every dollar spent using your custom code, back to your organization quarterly.

While also supporting local companies, I am drawn to their commitment to these values, all of which aren’t always easy. It means something. It holds weigh.

It’s Easy:

To get started there are no contracts or membership fees. The delivery of your product is free/included is you order a produce bin of any size, flower delivery of any size or creates a custom order over $75. The reusable bin is just dropped off right at your door and you can do recurring boxes, or make a custom order each week depending on what you want. They also offer personalized service. When I first tried Mile High Organics I got an email from someone just checking in. When I went through the system, I found it pretty intuitive and although I had a few questions, their team is standing by to offer help just to be sure I did my order right.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to Mile High Organics for allowing me to try their flowers and produce to watch how the system works! I’ve ordered from them before and as always, my opinions are my own.