Nourish Magazine

I’m at the airport by 5:40 a.m. on a Monday morning, and my eyelids (as my best friend Ali says) “need kickstands,” to stay open. I’m headed out on a business trip and in my humble opinion, it’s an aggressive start to the week.

Nonetheless, as the plane rumbles into the air, to find myself a little comfort, I pick up the second issue of Nourish – a print magazine about food & community.

Nourish Food Magazine

Set to publish six different issues a year – although Nourish is based in Denver – they are not “bound by it” and they feature work and stories from around the country.

For instance, in the second issue, I have a piece in it on the coveted Pepperoni Roll; a regional, savory delight that can only be found in Northern West Virginia where my maternal Italian family lives. In my research, this little known area and snack, is hardly featured in any food publication so it was exciting to bring to Nourish. I also loved watching my Italian family receive copies of Nourish and show the bakeries the story – their eyes were wide and excited.

History and Passion:

My friend Christine Vazquez started Nourish in late 2014 with the notion that “people that love to eat are always the best people,” the iconic Julia Child phrase that graces the magazine’s pages and website. Food (and our Italian Midwest heritage, we’re often asked if we’re sisters) brought Christine and I together over three years ago in 2012, and ever since, we are intertwined through our food writing, love of community, sharing food, and “breaking bread” over many a worn, and loving kitchen table.

To watch Christine, and her devoted team launch Nourish has been delightful. Said best by Christine herself, this is her mission:

“Nourish aims to offer storytelling that inspires, thoughtful interviews that energize, visuals that make you want to reach your fork through the page and approachable recipes that encourage you to get into the kitchen. We’ll also give you access to restaurants, purveyors, makers and doers that will enrich your life through their stories, their food, their wine, their whiskey.”

I dive into each glossy page, filled with interesting stories peppered with chefs, restauranteurs, recipes, restaurant reviews, interviews, and party hosting tips even in the early morning, stuffed like a sardine on my flight headed East, and my eyes and senses are awakened. Like any good food storyteller, I am left inspired. My hands itching to write. More.

For Christine’s inaugural issue her letter from the editor opened like this, which gives you a good sense of her philosophy and vision:

Now, more than ever, we’re craving connection, meaning, depth and breadth in our lives. Food is such a vital way of building the bridge to these things. I wanted to create a publication that engages us as individuals, enriches us and our families – both immediate and extended – and connects us to our communities.

One that encourages a playful, while earnest engagement with food, cooking, dining, entertaining and gathering.

One that is approachable, not elitist or exclusive, however politely.

One that’s warm and joyful – just as great food and dining should be.

Nourish also has a philanthropic partner, in Cooking Matters / Share Our Strength. Where they support their efforts in a variety of ways, including complimentary ad space, which will allow them another avenue to continue to tell their vital story. I think if you’re touting community, it’s nice to build and support your own community initiative like they’re doing.

In closing, as featured on the last page of Issue II of Nourish I’ll leave you with this quote:

“Cooking for people is an enormously significant expression of generosity and soulfulness, and entertaining is a way to be both generous and creative. You’re sharing your life with people.” -Ted Allen

Find Nourish:

I’m a consumer of the written word, and especially when it pertains to food. If you’re in Colorado, here are the places you can pick up Nourish. I’m sure this list will only keep growing, as local purveyors support the local magazine.

Colorado Locations: Tattered Cover (Colfax and LoDo locations), Studio Colfax, Alpine Modern, Hazel & Dewey, Truffle Cheese Shop & NOVO Coffee locations.

Events: Nourish also hosts events, release parties, and dinners that you can learn more about here.

Social: You can follow along digitally through Facebook, Instagram @NourishFoodMag, and Twitter @NourishFoodMag.