Personalized Labels + Discount Code With Kidecals

The last few years, I’ve put a good amount of energy into homemade gifts for our immediate family. It’s fun to put a lot more effort and love into something you made from beginning to end and I love the DIY aspect of gussying up the gift. One year we made homemade ketchup and hot sauce, bottled in mini-mason jars. They were a hit.

I recently stumbled across Kidecals and I was delighted to learn they were a local, Boulder company. Kidecals makes personalized labels and stickers which can be used for a variety of things such as wall decals, allergy alerts, luggage labels, school labeling or my personal favorite, canning and and DIY labels.

Kidecals reached out to me, and wanted me to try some of their unique labels and also offer a discount code for all Grace(full) Plate readers (more details on discount below).

I found the website very user-friendly, and there’s a good amount of options. I immediately went for the canning labels as I knew I would get good use out of them. I customized one of the pantry ones for holiday gifts this year.

I also am a big fan of snail mail and cards, so I went with a classic round sticker style with my initials and address. A nice personal touch for mail. You can see a sample below or a mini version that they fixed to our shipment.

FancyInitialFIXTheir packaging is fun and inventive; on the back it says “drum roll please” right where you open your package and they even give a preview of what’s inside on the outside of the package. Also? It’s free shipping on all orders which is a great touch!

Kidecals Shipping

It is worth noting that they’re slanted largely toward families, kids and babies and alas, I’m not quite the target audience right now so I’m looking forward to see more customized options for the foodies! With the holidays coming up, I think these are also fun gifts for others.

Kidecals Discount for readers:

If you’re interested in purchasing from Kidecals, use discount code awesomelabels for 15% off your entire order. If you do end up purchasing something, please share here and let us know what you think. They’re really quite delightful. Find them: