Potluck Sunday: An Introduction

Potluck Sunday: An Introduction

My close friend, Jodi has been hosting Potluck Sunday for the last five years and she brings the tradition with her wherever she has lived over the years.

Jodi recently moved to Boulder and in an effort to draw together a community, look forward to Sunday evenings and indulge in delicious food she put forward Potluck Sunday, Boulder edition.

We have been doing it for about three months now and I love every Sunday. I’ve been here two years now – I’ve had many friends, some I’m still friends with, some I don’t see anymore and many are new friends – but I haven’t felt anything as communal, supportive, warm and delicious (somehow, all my friends are incredible cooks!) since I’ve been here.

Potluck Sunday is inclusive, there is always someone new (visitors, friends passing through, new transplants to Boulder, etc.) and there’s a core group of friends that always ensure it happens each week.

The theme varies as does the host – we’ve done comfort food, sushi, brunch and even dips.

I’m going to have a category devoted to Potluck Sunday. I won’t be able to post after every Potluck Sunday, but the food and recipes are so incredible that they must be shared.

So here are some past pictures of Potluck Sunday and an introduction to a tradition I hold dear to my heart and belly!

Doni and Chris preparing food (while enjoying vino, of course) for one of our Potluck Sundays

Brunch, breakfast sandwiches – veggie sausage, fresh basil, mozzarella and basil

An evening of friends and ‘spicy’ foods Potluck Sunday