RAD: Real Athlete Diets

RAD [real athlete diets] in Boulder recently launched by providing “delicious, performance oriented food for active people,” through delivery so it comes right to your door and office with the healthy convenience active people might want.


Their home delivery is a $5 charge, or it’s free delivery to businesses and their drop-off location of Flatirons Running Inc. They deliver anywhere in Boulder.

To order, you head to their website – www.radboulder.com – and create an account. You can order anything with their Monday, Wednesday, and Friday delivery. They strive to deliver everything prior to noon, and the deadline for ordering is two days in advance.

When they let me try some of their dishes, I was pleased to see that the meals come fresh and ready, they are never frozen and the focus is on health with calories in the 600-800 calories, 25-30 grams of protein, and anti-inflammation ingredients. For someone like me who is often in meetings back to back

They post the ingredients for every dish on their menu, so you can be sure to know it’s clean and fits your dietary needs and the website has sections of food for gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and nut free.

I love that the price point seems to always be really fair, especially for the (mostly) organic, healthy, ingredients that they’re serving up.

RAD Boulder Menu

I personally loved the Thai coconut red curry with black rice, chicken, cilantro, cabbage, carrots, radishes, sesame, edamame, mixed greens, and sambal (chili paste) for $10.

curry_chx_6068d44c-d811-4338-87e3-eb40aa4f3395[Photo from RadBoulder]

Some items I’ve considered for them:

  • Get heard and found, especially in the hands of the right, active audience. I’m pretty tapped into food news locally, and until they reached out to me, I hadn’t heard of them prior.
  • Perfect their delivery scheduling and work on how they will scale. I imagine that cooking fresh food without anything frozen, could be difficult. Then again, if they’re that busy, it’s a good problem for them to have.
  • I think people stray from this kind of service, wondering if the food can actually be consistent and good. And the majority of their food, really is. I also know they’re open to feedback and would iterate on dishes that weren’t popular, or didn’t make the cut for customers. Do keep that in mind.

I think they have a great thing going, and I encourage you to try their food. You can learn more about them on their website here or on Facebook.