Restaurant Lovins: Denver’s Organic Pizza Company

Restaurant Lovins: Denver’s Organic Pizza Company

I am particular about my pizza.

I like the crust thin, crispy and golden (to dark). I like the cheese to be rich, organic and depending on the stlye, melt in your mouth. I don’t like thick, puffy crusts and too many toppings overwhelm me. Simplicity and intelligent pairing shows me less is more.

The Lowdown:

Name: Organic Pizza Company

Location: Downtown Denver (891 14th Street) and The Highlands (4500 W. 38th Avenue)

Cuisine: Pizza and Salads (Organic)

I wasn’t able to make the opening pizza event at the new Organic Pizza Company’s Spire location, but since I was out of town for the event I was sent a coupon to use toward one pizza or salad to try these guys out.

The take and bake, dine in and delivery pizza company focuses on organic and fresh ingredients, and they even pair their pizza’s with wines!

The downtown location on 14th is small, with no more than two tables. The first floor pizza shop is warm, modern and clean. The immediate reaction I has was to take and bake, since it’s a very small shop and not so much meant for dining in (especially if you’re with a large group of people).

I chose the Jaimaican Pizza, take and bake style with a white crust (there’s gluten free and wheat).

The Jaimaican has:

  • Jamaican jerked chicken
  • Tangy vodka sauce
  • Orange and red bell peppers and sundried tomatoes with mozzarella cheese
  • Freshly chopped cilantro (you add after baking, see photo)

Their signature pizzas were unique and it was definitely hard to choose because of the variety. Most of the pizzas had meat on them, but there’s a Herbivore Pizza and The Spa Pizza, both donning loads of delicious vegetables. Speaking of meat, the man was happy to see they had duck, buffalo, shrimp and prosciutto among some of their toppings.

After taking the beautifully wrapped Jamaican pizza, we brought it to a friend’s house for their BBQ. I loved the touch of fresh cilantro attached to the packaging and the baking instructions.

The pizza’s flavors were still fresh, the sweeter vodka sauce matched nicely with the tangy Jamaican jerk chicken. Needless to say, even at a BBQ, the pizza was the first to be gone.

I like the idea of take and bake, especially for families or those on the go. The ingredients are fresh, local and organic which you can’t always get to-go or delivered.

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Twitter: @OrganicPizzaCo