Restaurant Lovins: Smooch Frozen Yogurt

Restaurant Lovins: Smooch Frozen Yogurt

Fro Yo.

I love saying it. I love getting some on a sunny, summer day with my girlfriends.

Smooch is another local company in downtown Boulder, that I love. I love seeing that they’re locally owned, that the interior is so adorably decorated, that they offer frozen yogurt, fresh smoothies, mochi ice cream and even an oatmeal bar equipped with fruit.

The Lowdown:

Name: Smooch – Frozen Yogurt & Mochi

Location: 1926 14th Street (Downtown Boulder)

Recently, my friend/colleague/fellow blogger Will Price and I were invited to Smooch to learn more about the business, with Michelle Luu (co-owner, with her husband) and taste some of their delicious flavors.


In 2008, Michelle (a recovering stock broker from L.A.) and Christopher Luu opened Cefiore a franchise in downtown Boulder on 14th Street, right off Pearl. In time, they wanted to expand into their own products and work with more local companies so they recently re-branded to their own store, Smooch.

All their frozen yogurt is made in house and they typically have original (best seller), Acai and chocolate. They swap out seasonal flavors for their fourth – we sampled cake batter. Next, they were bringing in snickerdoodle. I personally love original, with their fresh fruit toppings (think: kiwi, strawberry and blueberry).


I told Michelle, while I sat with her, licking my frozen yogurt and taking bites into my mango mochi, that I loved her design. She decorated the entire store, adding hues of bubblegum pink, handmade bamboo chairs, eco-friendly interior designs and unique plastic vases, hanging against the glass window.


I have found a new love: mochi ice cream. Mochi, derived from Japan, is made of pounded sticky rice with an ice cream filling. The outer rim of mochi is smooth and pearly. The exterior mochi is cold and almost chewy (the sticky rice), when you tentatively bite into the round sweet morsel, the interior is liquid silk of your favorite ice cream flavor. I ordered the mango and loved the cold, sweet ice cream melded with the chewier mochi texture.

Michelle said their most popular mochi flavors are green tea and mango.

From the modern and inviting interior, to the fresh (low in calorie) frozen yogurt, unique mochi and warm, welcoming intimate staff (only four right now), what’s not to love about Smooch?

It’s great while you’re walking around downtown Boulder window shopping, dessert after a meal or even for a date.

Find Them:

Twitter: @SmoochCO & Facebook (Note: Website coming soon!)

All photos by Will Price