Restaurant Owners Uncorked: A Schedulefly Giveaway

Restaurant Owners Uncorked: A Schedulefly Giveaway

Ever heard of the guys at Schedulefly? Twitter told me to “follow” them and I’m so glad I did.

Schedulefly is a restaurant staff scheduling and communication software. There are over 65,000 restaurant “folks” who use their software! A few restaurants in Boulder even use them!

I love the idea of Schedulefly because most of my friends who manage or help run restaurants are building the schedule and staff information on Excel or by hand each week. Schedulefly truly fills a need and is an efficient online community to interact with your employees. It can even alert employees by e-mail or text if the schedule changes, make requesting time off easy and will definitely save you time.

Since talking with Schedulefly Founder, Wes Aiken, I loved hearing his story and was excited when he also sent me a copy of their book, Restaurant Owners Uncorked!

Restaurant Owners Uncorked: is a collection of interviews with a diverse range of independent restaurant owners. It’s packed with real world practical advice for aspiring restaurant owners, those who currently own a restaurant or those who simply want to understand and be entertained by reading the business philosophies of twenty successful entrepreneurs.

With a love for food and people, The Man and I often muse about opening a wine bar or small restaurant, so this book counted as homework.

I was also excited because the first chapter I flipped to came from Boulder’s own, Dave Query of The Big Red F restaurant group.

This book is the real deal and I love how Wes, Wil and Tyler are “walking the talk,” by providing a solid service and leveraging their clients from around the country (20 of them) to share their restaurant knowledge.

The interviews are candid and you can really gather personality from each restauranter and interviewee in the book.

Here are some quotes that stood out to me:

Question: What advice do you have for people considering co-owning with a partner? Well, it really is like getting married. Having complementary strengths is great, but many partnerships don’t work out. My advice would not to become partners with someone unless you have already worked with them. -Jon Myerow, Tria Restaurant | Biba Wine Bar, Philadelphia, PA. Restaurant owner since 2004.

The biggest thing I think these restaurant owners should look forward to is those relationships you have with your customer down the road. That’s what you should strive for. Not the money, not the notoriety or anything like that. -Matt Frey, Bub’s Burgers & Ice Cream | Bub’s Cafe, Indiana. Restaurant owner since 2003.

That shop has a very high design concept. He’s [her husband] an architect and he’s won five design awards for the shop. The concept of brand experience, when you’re in a space that itself is part of the brand – that’s really important to me, as well. – Penny Karas, Hello Cupcake, Washington D.C. Restaurant owner since 2008.

Question: What are some of the things you do for your staff? We have killer employee parties. We give all of the staff 40% off when they come into the restaurants. We’re always doing some sort of killer promo, or we’re making all kinds of crazy t-shirts, or throwing them all kinds of perks. I’m one of the dinosaurs who still pays 100% of the managers’ health insurance, so that’s been a big key of people sticking around too. It is something we will always do, and it makes a big statement to the people who work their asses off in these stores. -Dave Query, Big Ref F Restaurant Group. Denver/Boulder, CO. Restaurant owner since 1988.

It doesn’t matter if you have a trendy looking place, or a cool looking bar, or the greatest chef in the world. You have to engage the people that come into your place, day after night after day after night, and remember who they are, and why you’re here. -Jim Parker, Red Hat on the River. Irvington, NY. Restaurant owner since 2003.

Most people are afraid to change the menu that has made them successful, but I think of a restaurant as a living, breathing, organism. And if you’re not constantly evolving, you’re going to be dead in the water. There are constantly going to be new places opening, and new experiences. – Jeff Gigante, Ciccio Restaurant Group. Tamps/St. Petersburg, FL. Restaurant owner since 1991.

Now, onto the giveaway:

The Schedulefly crew are sending one lucky winner a signed copy of Restaurant Owners Uncorked.

There are two possible ways to enter (you can enter twice):

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