Rollin Greens: Where Gourmet Meets the Street

Rollin Greens: Where Gourmet Meets the Street

Meals (and desserts) on wheels? I’m all over it.

With the recent approval and “green light” for allowing food trucks in Boulder, there has been a surge of unique and delicious food trucks hitting the streets in Boulder.

One of the newer trucks to hit the streets in Boulder is Rollin Greens, a healthy spin on street food with their organic and healthy food.

The Story:

Boulderites, Lindsey Mandel and Ryan “Ko” Cunningham love food and had an entrepreneurial vision. Within two and a half months from the idea, they found their beloved truck, gutted it, rebuilt it, created the menu, Ryan did the epic paint job in a day and then, they hit the streets.

Ryan’s mother, Joanne Saltzman, owns and runs the School of Natural Cookery here in Boulder, so he was raised with the emphasis on local and natural. Furthermore, in the 70’s Ryan’s parents had one of the first mobile food trucks in Boulder as they would make fresh, organic food from home, then transport it to customers. Paying homage, 25 years later, Lindsey and Ryan are bringing it back.

The cute couple (they’ve been together four years, but have known each other for years) focus on carrying local vendors like White Girl Salsa and Colorado food purveyors.

My good friend and I visited them at one of their event stops at 303 Vodka. Check out what we ordered, it was healthier than any street food I had, yet had the indulgent “I want more,” zap to it.

Beet Basil Marinade. Beets marinaded in basil balsamic vinaigrette.

Steeped organic kale. We tried the kale in tamari and umeboshi.

Veggie eggrolls. Fried organic cabbage and carrot eggroll with a chili sauce.

Deep fried tacos. Organic tempeh and carmelized onions. These tomatoes were so juicy and fresh. Also available in chicken and/or 100% grass-fed beef.


The part that touched me the most? The personalization that Ryan and Lindsey exude. They love the food, they love serving good food to people and they love Boulder and creating a great new business for their hometown.

The food was inventive (order those tempeh tacos), still has the goodness of street food, but you can taste the freshness. It’s delicious!

You can find where they’ll be parked on their Facebook page here, Twitter @RollinGreens1 and on their website: