Snarfburger In Boulder

One of the newer Summer additions to Boulder’s food scene is Snarfburger.

Residing in the iconic, yet small 350-square foot space that once-was Daddy Bruce’s BBQ on Arapahoe and 20th, Snarfburger has taken over “The Shack” and is serving up simple, yet classic American burgers, fries and custard.


Opened by Jim “Snarf” Seidel, of famed Snarf’s Sandwich Shop, it has been a longtime dream of his to have a burger joint. Opened in May, he already has ambitious plans to expand this concept to Lafayette, by the end of this summer at 985 S. Public Road.

The 20th and Arapahoe location is right next to Boulder High School, CU and Naropa – a prime location for student foot traffic.

Upon entering the small shop, you’re immediately hit with that savory smell of sizzling, fried food and the sound of burgers being flipped on the spitting, hot grill. The menu is dead simple and I love it like that. It’s no frills. Everything is well under $10 and with a place like this, there aren’t in surprises. It’s consistent and always hits the spot.

Snarfburger Menu

You place your order, then they’ll call out your name whether you’re sitting on the patio seats outside, waiting for take-out or sitting at the few bar-like seats on the perimeter of the small space, inside. The space and vibe is casual, yet welcoming.


As someone who was vegetarian for a longtime, I actually wanted to also try their veggie burger that has a delectable falafel crust. With an addition of the famous Snarf’s hot peppers it made for the best veggie burger I’ve had in Boulder.

Veggie burgerBurger goodness

Another bonus are their hours. There aren’t a lot of places in Boulder to get good late-night food. Snarfburger plans to be open almost everyday of the year, starting at 11 AM for lunch and closes around midnight. For Thursday, Friday and Saturdays – they plan to stay open until 2 AM.

If you’re picky or need a lot of options, perhaps Snarfburger isn’t up your alley. Don’t go expecting a lot of substitutions or varying ingredient options. To be honest, the above mentioned is actually one of the best things about Snarfburger. They keep it real, it’s simple and what you see is what you get for good fast food.

Burger and fries

Q&A With Owner/Founder, Jim Seidel:

I spoke with Jim to ask him some questions around his special custard, to the simple menu concept, to their best seller and more!

Why burgers? Has this been a longtime love of yours or did you feel there was a hole in Boulder for this type of joint?

It was an idea I had considered for awhile, but it wasn’t until recently that I felt compelled to actually set it in motion. One reason in particular was the opportunity to take over the former Daddy Bruce’s BBQ space, which is so reminiscent of the original Pearl St. Snarf’s that I opened in 1996. At that point, I had already acquired a mini-fanbase in the form of family, friends & employees, all of who encouraged me to make it happen. And, who doesn’t love a great burger?

Can people expect to see any specials periodically or just the menu as is?

We specifically designed the menu with simplicity in mind. I love restaurants that offer a variety of hamburger options, but wanted to stick to the basics at SnarfBurger – it’s all about the classic American Cheeseburger. Of course, our new concept wouldn’t feel quite at home in the Snarf’s family if we didn’t offer something a little unique, like a Fried Bologna Sandwich or the fan favorite Hot Dog with Cheese and Bacon.

Can you talk about the custard and the kind you use/make?

This was a no-brainer. I grew up in St. Louis where Ted Drewes Frozen Custard is a local institution and remains my all-time favorite dessert. The feeling we are trying to convey at SnarfBurger is that of an old-fashioned hamburger stand – a no frills type of place with menu offerings that may remind you of your childhood. For me, that’s always been hamburgers and frozen custard.

I noticed there isn’t parking in the area – do you expect to have a lot of foot traffic or are there parking options for those that come and go via car?

There is some parking in the area, but I think it will be primarily foot/bike traffic. The surrounding neighborhood is filled with college students, so we have great visibility along the route to both CU & Naropa. I think we’ll also do really well with Boulder High students who have off-campus privileges.

What’s your best seller thus far?

A loaded Double SnarfBurger!

Find Them: 2000 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO |